LBank To Soon List LGC – A Green Token Aiming to Reduce Carbon Footprints

LiveGreen Coin (LGC), a project that aims to make a positive impact on the environment, will soon be listed on the crypto exchange, LBank. The LGC/USDT trading pair will be available to LBank users starting Feb 10 at 11:00 UTC, LGC said in a tweet.

The 3 months old project is being developed by a team of cryptography experts, developers, business specialists, and advisors. The experienced team behind LGC has worked in companies and projects like Hungarian Vizsla Inu, VizslaSwap, Lamea, Neckermann CryptoChip, and BabyVizsla.

LGC’s primary mission is to give back to the community by making Earth a greener planet. The firm plans to harness the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to help citizens & organizations reduce their carbon footprint.

LGC Background

LGC is the green project of the multinational company Happy Panda Handels GmbH, an Austrian firm with a Hungarian founder that specializes in many sectors including telecommunications, and solar panels. The company has footprints around the world, including Romania, Turkey, and Tanzania.

LGC, the native token of LiveGreen Coin, is a BEP-20 token built upon the renounced blockchain. The LGC token will grant holders the right to use it as an everyday means of payment on the upcoming CoinPhone. When launched, CoinPhone will be an online store with a wide range of products that will offer LGC holders access to electronic devices at wholesale prices. 

LGC: Problem & Solution

On its website, the firm says the problem with solving climate change is that there are a lot of talks, and no action, but they want to change this by utilizing natural infrastructure and helping reduce the unsustainable practices that deteriorate ecosystems worldwide

Specifically speaking, the team wants to focus on the restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems by educating and communicating with the citizens.

LGC Grant

The team believes a key element of creating a more environmentally aware, sustainable society is through sensitizing local-scale communities and reconnecting them with nature and its ecosystems. For this, they plan to allow every LGC holder to take part in their non-profit grant program.

The non-profit grant program is divided into four tiers according to the number of funds to be granted, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The team has made the application process easy for everyone by just requiring the applicants to record a video of the project they are passionate about, a motivational letter, project details, and a budget. 

Social Network

LGC recognizes the problem of fake news and how big a hurdle it is in combating climate change. Citizens sometimes fail to distinguish between real & fake news items and form opinions that are harmful to them and the planet we all live in. To combat this, LGC plans to create its social network where information and advertisements are carefully reviewed all the time, keeping users safe.



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