RFOX VALT’s AI-Enabled Metaverse Apartments To Launch On 8th Feb

  • Metaverse platform, RFOX VALT is kicking off a limited-time AI-powered apartment sale inside its metaverse starting this Wednesday.
  • The apartments come equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies that will provide residents with an immersive & interactive virtual living experience.
  • Socializing with friends & hosting virtual parties will be one of the key features of the apartment.

RFOX VALT, a metaverse company devoted to creating a fully immersive, virtual reality-driven retail and entertainment experience has just announced the public sale of its latest AI apartments in the metaverse. The AI-enabled apartments are equipped with modern AI technologies that will allow users to interact with their virtual surroundings naturally and intuitively.

The upcoming sale will auction off 3000 apartments in the metaverse. The team behind RFOX VALT has created four different types of apartments – Studio, Standard, Penthouse, and extremely limited Sky Apartments. Each type of apartment has a rarity attached to it:-

Studio – 50%

Standard – 37%

Penthouse – 12%

Sky Apartments – 1%

Ownership of an Apartment NFT grants owners governance rights, giving them a seat at the table when it comes to decisions about the design and development of the RFOX VALT. By using their NFTs, owners will be able to vote on proposals and shape the future of the platform.

Advanced AI in the Metaverse

Moreover, apartment owners will be able to enhance their creativity, productivity, and convenience by customizing the look of their apartments’ through AI. The apartments come equipped with OpenAI Integration that will help owners with personal assistance, content creation, designing interior surfaces & creating artwork.

Socialize with your Friends in the Metaverse

One of the exciting features that these apartments offer to owners is the ability to organize & host virtual parties, and also invite their friends to hang out. Live streaming to different social media apps from the comfort of their apartment is another feature that makes this metaverse apartment so much more interesting and captivating. 

Unique NFT Avatars

The apartments will have an initial sale price of 0.25 ETH and are expected to go live on 8th Feb. Each apartment NFT will also give the owner a complimentary unique CitiXen Pod Avatar NFT, that comes equipped with governance rights, staking abilities, and IP rights.

Marketplace for Assets

Additionally, RFOX VALT plans to launch a marketplace, where apartment owners will be able to buy & sell assets for their apartments such as new wallpapers, furniture, and other items to personalize the apartments. Owners will also be granted the power to mint 3D assets, created in 3D software such as Unity in the form of NFTs to add to their apartments.

Staking & More

The future roadmap of RFOX VALT reveals a staking platform, where owners will be able to stake their apartment NFTs and earn RFOX rewards(the primary payment method in the RFOX VALT metaverse).

The public sale of 3000 customizable, AI-enabled VR apartment NFTs will go live on February 8th on RFOX VALT’s website.



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