WBSDubai Aiming at Fostering the Future of Web 3.0 Innovators

  • WBS is scheduled to be held in Dubai.
  • The summit aims to boost the blockchain economy.
  • Bookings are open, and interested candidates can reserve their seats. 

The World Blockchain Summit (WBS), the world’s longest-running blockchain summit series, is taking a U-Turn to the Emirates to continue its legacy.  

WBS, the Global elite gathering, will be held in Dubai on March 20-21, 2023, at Atlantis The Palm, the most iconic, ocean-themed resort. 

Along with the spectating majority of investors and influencers, government officials attended the summit to gain insight from industry experts and learn from them about the space to aid in drafting new policies and explore collaboration opportunities with top global tech enterprises. 

The summit is a platform where community members can connect with people, learn from industry experts and create global business opportunities for Web3 innovators.

The key event includes:

Bloc Konnect: meet and greet the industry experts, who are carefully selected based on their contribution to the blockchain technology industry.

Investor Connect: attendees will get the opportunity to meet Institutional Investors, Asset Allocators, Family Officials, Hedge Funds, and Angel Investors. 

International Expo: the show features presentations, use-case studies, and educational sessions by worldwide technology providers to exhibit their latest innovations.

Illuminating seminars: attend enlightening sessions from some of the greatest minds in the Blockchain space as they answer some of today’s most pressing questions in the current industry. The sessions will include thought-provoking panel discussions, keynotes, use cases, fireside chats and more. 

23rd WBS Bangkok Edition

A diverse audience, including industrial stakeholders and financial decision-makers, witnessed the global elite gathering. In the previous year, over 1000 attendees had registered to witness the 23rd edition of the world blockchain summit (WBS), held from 8 to 9 December at the Athenee Hotel Bangkok.

During the two-day summit, the community members, Web3 projects, and investment partners displayed their offerings and connected with the community members.

“A wonderful fusion of Web3 architects, thought-leaders, regulators, and users made WBS Bangkok one of the best places to experience and discover the latest trends in the blockchain world. As we wrap up 2022 with WBS Bangkok, we are excited to see what’s in store for Web3 in 2023,” said Mohammed Saleem, the founding chairman of the World Blockchain Summit.

As the world’s longest-running blockchain summit series, WBS has organized more than 20 editions of 10 destinations. For each edition, the team set a regional agenda featuring the latest trends, advanced technology and upcoming opportunities in the market. The summit is committed to boosting the development, adoption, and growth of the entire Web3 ecosystem.