Beginners Guide for Top 5 Blockchain Courses and Certification

Finding it tough to search for the best alternative to understand blockchain technology? Well, your search ends here. In this article, you will learn the concepts of blockchain technology, understand real-life implementation, and most importantly, get the top 5 courses curated especially for beginners. 

Blockchain Made Easy 

Blockchain is a decentralized open source of a shared ledger in which data is stored in structures known as blocks. The blockchain runs on a principle of transparency that results in immutable and secure records.

The blockchain serves several purposes, such as money transfers, insurance, securing private information, financial exchanges, etc.

Perks of Blockchain:

  • Time efficient- transaction settlement is faster due to the Decentralised structure.
  • Cost efficient- transactions require less administration.
  • Assured security and transparency come hand in hand.

Problems with Blockchain

  • It consumes more energy than a centralized system.
  • The pre-recorded data can’t be easily modified as the alteration process is time and power-consuming.
  • Scalability issues.

Use-Cases of Blockchain Technology:

The real-life implementation of blockchain is much more complex than cryptos and NFTs. The widely adopted technology has real-life implementation ranging from money transfer, healthcare, and government to much more. 

List of Top 5 Blockchain Courses and Certifications  

CBE- Certified Blockchain Expert 

The professional certification program comprises comprehensive modules, including a foundation course, techniques of blockchain mining, a guide for tokenizing everything, insight into the use cases of blockchain, and a lot more. The certification course is a complete package for the beginner.

INE- Internetwork Expert 

INE’s blockchain Security course is offered by an internetworking expert that offers a comprehensive synopsis of the security feature of the industry. Various topics such as cryptography, smart contract security, consensus algorithm, blockchain breaching, and safeguard techniques, come under the course’s umbrella. 

CEBP- Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Willing to become a blockchain expert? CEBP is a professional certification course that covers the fundamentals of blockchain technology, enterprise blockchain, blockchain in trade finance, and its applications and uses cases.

The course is designed for professionals, and the candidates will be rewarded with a certificate after qualifying for the comprehensive exam specially curated for the users. 

Blockchain Specialization

Coursera, in collaboration with the University of Buffalo and the State University of New York, has designed a series of lectures that will discuss the fundamental concepts and technology behind blockchain. The episode of courses will cover the basics of blockchain technology, decentralized applications, smart contracts, and blockchain platforms.

The courses will have interactive activities like quizzes, simple project-based tasks, and video lectures to boost their subscribers’ knowledge and skill set.

Blockchain A-Z 

Blockchain A-Z: Learn How to Build Your First Blockchain is a course by Udemy. The course focuses on the basics and will teach you about building a blockchain from scratch. The course is specially curated for enthusiastic beginners who are new to the space and are willing to learn about blockchain technology.

The modules will provide a complete guide for building a blockchain from scratch and creating a token. The module will also provide a guide for making a smart contract.