Metaverse Developer LandVault Set To Transform Real Estate In UAE

LandVault, the largest metaverse real-estate developer, has announced it is expanding its operations to Dubai starting Feb 2023.

The company is a well-known name in the metaverse space with over 200 completed projects and over 100 million square feet of area developed. The company has previously worked with a diverse set of clients, including PayPal, Uber, Amazon, Google, Mastercard, and McDonald’s among others.

LandVault specializes in helping web2 & web3 brands build a unique metaverse experience and drive user engagement in a meaningful way. Some of its well-known projects include SC ventures, Mastercard pride plaza, World of Women: Galaxy, Decentraland Fashion Week, Heineken Silver Brewery, Dystopunks, Moments in history, and Alien Boy: Alien Doogles.

The team behind LandVault sees huge potential for the metaverse in the real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The technology will allow property developers & real estate companies to build & showcase their projects in a 3D virtual metaverse, providing potential buyers with a more interactive & immersive experience.

One of the main benefits of showcasing a property in the metaverse is that it allows developers & real estate companies to reach a wider audience, including those who can’t physically come to visit the property. Another benefit of the virtual property metaverse is the reduced physical tours for potential buyers and the saving of time and resources.

In a statement, the CEO of LandVault, Sam Huber, expressed his excitement about the opening of an office in Dubai & joining the vibrant tech community of UAE. 

Due to its progressive regulations, Dubai has gained a high reputation in the web3 world. It has been a frontrunner in pioneering blockchain technology and has often been dubbed by the media as the world’s crypto capital. It has also piloted several real-world blockchain projects with use cases in various sectors including transportation, health, education, and municipal services.

Sam Huber further observed that the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) is a key market for LandVault and the launch of their Dubai office will facilitate the region’s growth & help them explore new opportunities. LandVault aims to transform the real estate industry in UAE by collaborating with developers & real estate companies for showcasing their property in the metaverse, allowing for a more interactive & immersive experience for potential buyers.

About LandVault:

Founded in 2017, LandVault is the largest metaverse developer, building technology to accelerate the metaverse economy between brands, creators, and land owners. It has over 120 full-time in-house builders and offers various strategies for building engagement inside the metaverse including-

  1. E-commerce integration – Selling products in the metaverse, digital or physical.
  2. Education – Using engaging gaming mechanics to teach the audience & community about products.
  3. Virtual event – Inviting the community and hosting virtual events in the metaverse.
  4. Showroom – Showcasing products in an engaging manner.
  5. Real estate – Developing virtual real estate for collectors or renting to others.



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