LEAP23: Marks the Beginning of Metaverse and Web3 Empowerment

Saudi Arabia’s Leap23 tech conferences initiated the launch of the Alliance for Metaverse and Web3 Empowerment (AM3E) with the intent to lead the genuine outcome. 

AM3E was launched to create a set of principles that digital creators can implement to provide a safe space for the digital ecosystem via their products and services. It is expected that AM3E will recognize and resolve the challenges that came up in the evolution and devolution period of Web2. 

Michael Champion, Regional EVP of MEA’s take on the initiative is that the alliance highlights the Leap’s dedication to introducing and promoting ground-breaking products and concepts. It will also establish alliances that will spark fresh international partnerships making use of technology’s boundless prospects.

“The metaverse represents an exciting, yet largely uncharted, new frontier in the potential of technology to unite people across the planet; the alliance will aim to navigate opportunities and pitfalls to create a roadmap for universally beneficial and positive creation and deployment principles across this game-changing technology.” Later this year, the alliance will release its first industry report, said Champion.

About LEAP

LEAP is an annual Tech Summit organized at Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia. Informa Tech, SAFCSP and MCIT founded the LEAP.

“ Technology and innovation has enormous potential, to transform economies and societies. We live in a time where you either Leap or left behind. We are proud to host LEAP to help the region lead and leapfrog with technology and innovation,” Abdullah A. Alswaha, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia.

UAE Creating Waves in Metaverse

Dubai’s higher committee has adopted key initiatives to nurture its development plan. An accelerator program will address the metaverse policies. 

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aspires to:

  • Foster: Innovation, enhance the Metaverse’s economic contributions and promote advanced ecosystems.
  • Cultivate: To work for futuristic growth by promoting talent and investing in assisting the creators and developers of the community by providing metaverse education. 
  • Develop: Aiming at advancing the next generation of the world wide Web technology and its applications to give rise to a new governmental work model. 

Saudi Arabia and Sandbox have made a pact for the Strategic Planning of the Metaverse 

Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government (DGA) and Sandbox have recently inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen their position in the Web3 space. It is believed that this partnership could bring an edge to the digital space.

The Sandbox provides a digital space for the players where they are free to share, innovate or monetize their skills. According to Sebastien Borget, CEO of The Sandbox, this exciting partnership was inked during the Leap Tech Conference in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on the 7th of February.

While the partnership attracted a mass audience, the information revealed is concise. But it is expected that further details will be out soon. 



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