W3WED – First-time Blockchain-based Marriage on Valentine’s Day

  • On the occasion of valentine’s day, Yury Reut, founder of w3wed.io, launched the first-ever NFT-based Blockchain Marriage. 
  • Couples can have a traditional wedding experience digitally. 
  • Couples can sign up for the waitlist for the service and receive the certificate for the price of USD 2.

This year on valentine’s day, W3WED has launched an NFT marriage service where couples can exchange NFT rings and celebrate their love.

“The service is available for everyone who wants to love and be loved, irrespective of distance or other barriers”. Couples can sign up for the service on the waitlist on the day of the 14th of February without the need to pay for the service right away at just USD 2. The couple can exchange vows and rings to celebrate their love and commitment. They can choose a witness for their marriage. NFT rings and certificates will be stored in their cryptocurrency wallets, which blockchain technology will protect. From the 15th of February until March, the price to start the service is USD 20. 

The founder of w3wed.io, Yury Reut, states: ‘Our mission is to bring hearts together and make this service available to anyone who wants to love and be loved.’

The prices of the services after the official launch are disclosed. It has revolutionised the concept of digital weddings on Blockchain as a proof of commitment. 

How does it work? 

  • Users have to choose a witness, a friend, an Idol or even a celebrity to approve the reunion.
  • Select NFT rings as a symbol of commitment between couples. NFT rings are unique blockchain tokens.
  • Select I do, after exchanging the ring and wedding vows in front of the witnesses they have chosen. The couple will press the I do.
  • Secure the rings and certificates. NFT rings and certificates will safely store in their cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike the physical object, it is forever and can’t be altered.
  • Congratulations, celebrate the new chapter of your life.

First, skype marriage; now, Blockchain

There was a time when skype marriage was a hot topic to discuss. So many people got married through skype, so this is not the first time we have heard about digital marriage. But what makes Blockchain-based marriage different from other digitally performed marriages? The NFT marriage vows will be delivered in more personal ways. Unlike the marriage on Skype, which has no proof, Blockchain marriage will have proof of commitment. It is impossible to censor.The rings and the certificate will be securely protected by blockchain technology. 

This valentine’s day, the founder of W3WED has come up with a different way of exchanging wedding rings that will be stored on Blockchain. Virtual rings exist on Blockchain for everyone to see as proof of their commitment to each other. Unlike the physical object, it will be forever at just USD 2.