Dubai Metaverse Mall

World Government Summit announces Dubai’s first Metaverse Mall

  • The World Government Summit announces the Metaverse Mall.
  • Users can have a digital experience in retail, entertainment and leisure activities by various brands. 
  • Digital experience with brands like Samsung space, Carrefox,Vox Cinemas, Ghawali.

Dubai is taking its shopping experience to the next step with its first virtual shopping center. They have been planning to initiate the Metaverse Mall for a long time. Majid Al Futtaim has announced the launch of the mall. Majid Al Futtaim will be represented in Decentraland. It is the first decentralized metaverse built, controlled and owned by its users.

The gates of the metaverse mall will be open to visitors to gain digital experience with brands like Samsung space, Carrefox,Vox Cinemas and many more brands in the pipeline. Users can create, trade and own their assets in the mall. The development of the mall is in the initial phase. 

“Khalifa bin Braik, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Asset Management, said the Mall of the Metaverse will be a leading retail and entertainment destination — “and surely a huge attraction for customers who crave digital experiences from their most loved brands.”

Metaverse will not be built by one or two companies but by a group of companies. In the future, many big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Bytedance, and others have announced they will go big in the metaverse.

Future Endeavours in Dubai for Metaverse

Dubai has made several advancements in the metaverse and wants to become the global metaverse hub. Dubai attracts many Blockchain and Metaverse platforms. According to the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, the country is planning to create 40,000 jobs and expected to add $2 Billion to the UAE’s economy by 2030. To improve the citizens’ lives and extend the emirates’ overall growth. 

Recently, the nation has previously tested metaverse applications in different areas including healthcare, commerce and more.’Last year Dubai mall unveiled its Etisalat store in the metaverse.

With the increased demand for digital platforms, the ministry of economy has also announced a service center on the metaverse to enhance virtual government services. In terms of contribution to the economy, tourism is a strong industry. Metaverse will allow its users to visit Dubai remotely without leaving their rooms. You can visit any place. Real-estate users can buy virtual real-estate assets in the metaverse and use them as a security for loans or build something. 

Dubai Metaverse aims to turn Dubai into the world’s top 10 metaverse economies.

The first virtual shopping center is bringing mystery and joy to everyone’s mind with the news. Inside the shopping center, the customer’s avatar will have access to brands like Carrefour, Samsung space, Vox Cinemas, Ghawali, etc., for retail, leisure and entertainment experience. Dubai is turning the imagination into reality. What will be the New Metaverse surprise by Dubai? 



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