Bored Ape Yatch Clube

Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC) will be announced as Bitcoin NFT 

  • A new NFT is likely to be added to the collection of Bitcoin NFT. 
  • BAYC Bitcoin NFTs are a collection of 10,00 original monkeys with unique bitcoin traits.
  • BAYC is randomly created from more than 170 properties.

The original BAYC monkeys have marked themselves as the second most popular selling NFT collectibles worth $1.3M over the past few weeks. Offspin, the ultimate NFT collection, is now live on the bitcoin blockchain.

Growth of Bitcoin NFTs is Continuing 

It’s a thrilling time for the world of bitcoin and NFTs, as the potential for this and other similar projects designed and executed through the bitcoin blockchain is huge, according to Mike Fritz, Chief Technology Officer at Baycbitcoin.

He also noted that the level of interest in bitcoin NFTs continues its exponential growth instead of the current fees, proving that there is an enormous request for blockchain technology to reunite with its technological roots. Mr Fritz said, “ “The NFT market is booming again, and this immense interest might be the best indicator of the hatching bull market”.

The Ordinals protocol, which was originally introduced to the cryptocurrency exchange in 2014 and gained momentum with market interest two weeks ago when the option to create NFTs on the bitcoin blockchain was revealed. The main idea of such NFTs is that they are stored entirely on the blockchain, which is possible thanks to updates to SegWit (2017) and Taproot (2021).

Originals were also the first protocol to generate a new  bitcoin NFT. The latest and most popular NFT collection, called Ordinal Punks – inspired by the legendary Cryptopunks – has already appeared on the market, with Ordinal Punk NFT #620 selling for 9.5 BTC ($ 215,000).

Know BAYC 

The BAYC Bitcoin Non Fungible-Tokens are a collection of 10,000 original monkeys with unique bitcoin traits, and 10 ultra-rare signature NFT monkeys in Bitcoin NFT. As per a recent announcement, the mintage of the collection is scheduled to start on February 17, 2023, at 11:00 UTC.

According to the official website of BAYC bitcoin, users who are lucky enough to secure a mint will become owners of the BAYC NFT for a value of 0.01 BTC. Given the success of preceding BAYC collections, there is good confirmation that the BAYC Bitcoin NFT will do just as well.

BAYC team mentioned that, “ Once the collection is fully minted, the lucky user who mints BTC BAYC #910 will receive an offer of 1 BTC (100x PROFIT) by the team! It’s time to test your luck!”

BTC BAYC is created from more than 170 possible properties, including headwear, expressions, clothing, and more. All apes are dopes, but some are rarer than others. Creating your own apes lets you try your luck and get randomly selected apes from the availability list.

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