Kids Curiosity to explore Metaverse and its Applications

It’s no secret that technology is an integral part of our life, and today’s kids are getting hooked on technology at a very young age. The world keeps evolving irrespective of technology fields. New technologies and advancements bring opportunities to create a better and bigger future. We have observed developments in Blockchain-based platform projects and decentralized applications in the past few years. One of the applications is Metaverse. “Metaverse” Meta means beyond, and verse means universe. Metaverse is a virtual world based on a third-dimensional environment. It was first coined in 1992 by science fiction author Neil Stephenson. 

Metaverse and its features

Metaverse is here, and many people, mainly kids, already adopt it. They are already aware of the technology and know what they want. Kids’ curiosity makes them try new things, and Metaverse will enhance their online experience. The AR/VR technology will make them blend in the Metaverse with their lives. The purpose of the Metaverse is to create a place parallel to the physical world. From gaming and entertainment to healthcare and education, many more sectors are globally accepted and transformed by the evolution of Metaverse. In future years, in the education sector, technology will be promising. 

Many platforms exist in Metaverse that kids want.

The first is gaming and creation. The kids are aware of multiplayer games and use them daily. Metaverse augmented reality and virtual reality technology will improve the 3D experience. The main purpose of this is to play and have fun, although kids can have a creation of their own. They can create their designs and write scripts for games. Curiosity will make them question technology and how it works and want them to learn. 

The second platform is education, and E-Learning is now a fast-growing and accepting space worldwide. After the pandemic, students all over the world have accepted remote education. It is a good tool to teach kids history and civilization. They can do science experiments in life-like reality, and some platforms give kids a chance to code and create and experience their AR/VR content. 

The third platform is tourism. The kids can have the experience of different places while sitting at home. Before visiting a new place, they can have exposure at home. Busy parents can give their children an experience of a tour, and they can monitor them. 

There are many other platforms for kids to get involved in, like Metaverse library, Social Interaction, and media.

The different uses of Metaverse indicate that it will be adopted by most of the population in the world. Kids can do more than gaming in Metaverse. They can create art and music; learning can be fun and thrilling. Early exposure to Metaverse kids has had some positive impact on their lives. However, monitoring is needed to avoid overdosing on digital platforms and wearables. Metaverse is to enhance lives, not replace the physical experience, to add desire to these platforms. Though it is still in its infancy, more people expect to experience and try Metaverse. What do you want to try in Metaverse?