Crypto Launchpads

Crypto Launchpads: A New Wave in the Market for Investors 

  • Crypto Launchpad set in motion for market investors 
  • Provide Constant benefit in the long period of time 
  • Full proof KYC process for identity verification 

Crypto launchpads are platforms that help investors before taking off their projects. They provide token sales to the investors at the early stages and help them with discounted prices before they become publicly available to the market. In simple words, the launchpads act as a fundraiser for crypto projects. 

Are crypto launchpads useful? 

Crypto launchpads involve buying anything at low fees, which proves to be a huge plus point for investors trying to indulge in the market. As a result, many investors are looking up to the crypto launchpads to raise the required funds they need. 

Crypto launchpads are also on a wave in the market due to their ability to safeguard investors and raise more capital by detecting scams and frauds, which are quite common on other non launchpad platforms. It does not enable the involvement  of any third party to hinder the privacy of the investors. 

The early joiners of profitable crypto projects stick to the launchpads which provide them constant benefits in the long run as well. It makes the process of the investors easy and safe without which they won’t be able to run their businesses for a long period of time. 

The tokens provided by the launchpads are available immediately after purchase and there is no processing period. 

The investors can benefit from the vetting process conducted by the launchpad which helps to minimize the risk of putting their investments in low quality projects, it proves to be a life saver for the investors. 

How does a crypto launchpad work? 

Users who create a new launchpad account will be provided with a KYC process to verify their identity, and with the help of the KYC procedure, it becomes difficult for someone to cheat or manipulate a transaction made by the investor to the launchpad. 

Every crypto launchpad has its own statuses of cryptocurrency projects, the interested investors may go through the projects in order to have an idea of the launchpad keeping in mind the price and the facilities given by the launchpad. Then the investors may know the start date of their project and the tokens they are going to receive. 

The token sales provided by the launchpads are similar to the blockchains, they provide transparency to the investors making it easy to access the distribution process of the entire data. This quality of the launchpads encourages the even distribution of tokens among investors and secures the project as well. 

Some of the top crypto launchpad platforms

There are several crypto launchpad platforms in the market as it is widespread due to the benefits these launchpads offer. Here are some top launchpad platforms that are leading when it comes to incubating new projects based on the blockchain:

  • BSCPad
  • BullPerks
  • TrustSwap
  • DuckStarter by DuckDao
  • WeStarter