Camel NFT

The launch of the second drop of Camel NFTs on 2nd March

  • Race Kingdom is a Metaverse-based NFT game, based on racing.
  • It is a play-to-earn game available for any user in multiple languages. 
  • Race Kingdom announces the launch of the second batch of Camel NFTs.

Race Kingdom is a P2E, multilingual game available for its users. Metaverse-based NFT games are based on racing, rare creatures with different features and functions. Creatures like Camel, Horses and Snails on the platform. Founder of Race Kingdom, Omar Guli announces the launch of the second batch of Camel NFTs.Users will use Blockchain as leverage to earn tokens called Atoz. Tokens can be used for trading, buying, breeding, etc. 

On the 7th February the first batch of Camel NFTs of Race Kingdom sold out 600 Camel NFTs. 

The second batch of Camel NFTs consists of 999 thoroughly crafted and each NFT comes with a different genetic profile that plays an important role in the breeding and racing process. User can buy, sell, breed, complete the task, train the camels. Camels will be categorized into classes, 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest based on their performance in the race, and their level increases as they improve their scores. Every NFT in the collection have unique trait. Race Kingdom will be lively gifs, unlike the jpegs.

The second batch of Camel NFTs will be available on Opensea on 2nd March 2023. It is multilingual that includes languages like English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese and many more. When the creating succeed the user will earn the Atoz token to control the Race Kingdom. It has its own in-game token ‘Atoz’, Atoz token is BEP-20 and uses as a currency both for in-game token and independent. Using Atoz as an in-game token minimize the transaction fee to minimum.

“We are thrilled to offer fans and collectors the chance to own a piece of the exciting world of Race Kingdom. We have accomplished the two key milestones per our roadmap – the launch of a native token $ATOZ and now the launch of camel NFTs. We look forward to rolling out the alpha gameplay this quarter. Our tech team has been working hard developing the game and different race tracks. I believe blockchain gaming has a huge potential and will play a tremendous role in wider web3 and crypto adoption,” – Omar Gull, founder and CEO of Race Kingdom.

Race Kingdom is the future of the Metaverse racing game. Their first drop of Race Kingdom sold out 600 Camel NFTs, now their second batch has 999 crafted NFTs. The main aim of the Metaverse game is to enhance the gaming experience but Race kingdom Metaverse racing not only emerging the gaming experience but will not cause animal cruelty. In the physical world camel racing causes distress and physical harm, to the camels and other animals that are involved. Many more meta creatures coming to Race Kingdom like, Meta Lion, Meta Horse. Which creature you want to see in nearby future? 



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