Globant Believes Metaverse Will Have Its Limelight Moment in 2023

  • A Globant report states that 2023 is the make-or-break year for the metaverse.
  • Globant executives expressed their support for metaverse innovation.

The metaverse has garnered significant attention, both positive and negative, as it receives gargantuan amounts of investment. One of the companies highly insistent on the development of the metaverse is Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Despite experiencing heavy losses and significant job cuts, Meta has invested billions of dollars in the development of the metaverse, which has had ripple effects throughout the industry.

While many companies have produced specialized headsets for virtual reality and augmented reality-based ecosystems, they have failed to dominate the mainstream in a consequential manner.

About Globant

Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant, has released reports and statements that support the future of the metaverse in its latest report, Tech Trends. According to the report, this year will be a make-or-break year for the metaverse, as the report says, “burn bright or burn out.” This refers to the tech that forms the basis of the metaverse, with the elements being artificial intelligence and Web 3.0.

According to Globant, the technology that is the basis of the metaverse can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives, acting as a facilitator for many businesses and industries to achieve deeper levels of business commitment and higher levels of interaction with consumers.

Meta declared that they would open doors to low costs and reduced barriers to entry in 2023, which is an outreach program to impact more people who have initially been against the metaverse and involve more people than ever before. The launch, according to company statistics, has been successful. Reports claim that the company now holds 15% of the VR headset market.

The tech leader at Globant, Agus Herta, has expressed his confidence in the belief that every company will find itself in the metaverse. He stated that “Companies will increase usage of the metaverse for employee training and education and other activities where simulation can improve experiences.”

This has been supported by Globant global CTO Diego Tartara, who has expressed his opinion that the metaverse is in its preliminary stages, but it will bring an evolution to how people express themselves on the digital platform.

These reports come at a time when companies are making huge cuts, in terms of financial as well as human resources, innovating metaverse-based technology and reducing expenses in the field. This has been mainly reflected in the actions of Microsoft.



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