Le Fonti honored Naser Taher as the “Chairman of the Year” in Dubai.

  • Double win for Naser Taher, chairman of MultiBank.
  • The awards ceremony was held on Thursday night in Dubai.
  • Le Fonti acknowledges organizations achieving excellence in the field of business.

On February 16, 2023, Le Fonti organized an award ceremony to honor the outstanding business leader at The Palace Downtown Dubai.

The annual award honors business leaders and their industries for achieving global excellence. At the ceremony, the MultiBank group was awarded two honors: ‘Leading Financial Derivatives Institution,’ and Naser Taher was named ‘Chairman of the Year.’ The event concluded with an entertaining Gala Dinner.

Le Fonti provides a good opportunity for business leaders to interact, grow, and help each other.

Speaking about the double win, Chairman Naser Taher said, “It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our team,” recognizing the efforts of the entire MultiBank Group. In his speech, Mr. Taher stated, “The MultiBank Group has grown to be one of the largest, if not the largest, financial derivatives institutions, with a daily turnover of USD 12.1 billion, over 1 million customers, and over 30,000 institutional clients. Additionally, we maintain an unblemished record with all our 11 regulators since 2005.”

MultiBank Group:

MultiBank Group was established in 2005 in California, USA, and has over 25 global offices, including Germany, Austria, Ireland, Malaysia, China, Australia, and many more. Since its inception, the company has been one of the largest and most fully regulated financial derivative dealers worldwide. The company now has USD 12.1 billion in daily trading volume and provides services to over 1,000,000 customers in over 100+ countries.

The Group offers its clients various services and trading tools, such as platforms like MT4 and MT5. Meta Traders can easily analyze the financial market.

In 2021, the MultiBank Group announced the launch of Mex Digital to expand the Group into cryptocurrency and Blockchain, where Naser Taher explained his vision to launch a full-service Cryptocurrency.

Naser Taher:

He is the first financial broker to start an electronic financial derivatives exchange. Naser Taher, the founder of MultiBank Group, was founded in 2005. He also started the first private airline company in Eastern Europe.

Naser Taher launched Mex Digital with his son Zak Taher to fully regulate the digital asset exchange, which offers trading in more than the world’s top 20 cryptocurrencies.

In 2012, the Chinese government appointed him as an honorary chief financial advisor.

In 2019, he was awarded by Le Fonti as the CEO of the year in financial businesses.

Le Fonti honored Naser Taher and his Company with two awards at the annual award ceremony: ‘Leading Financial Derivatives Institution,’ and ‘Chairman of the Year.’ He is the chairman of MultiBank Group, which claims to be one of the fully regulated financial brokers globally. Mr. Naser Taher has 36 years of exceptional experience globally in the financial and trading industry.