Gary Vee & Jordan Belfort Attending Third SiGMA Eurasia in Dubai

  • Sigma Eurasia Summit will be held from 13-16 March 2023.
  • The event will take place at the Intercontinental Festival arena in Dubai.
  • Gary Vee and Jordan Belfort with 15,000 attendees to be expected.

The event will offer attendees an opportunity to interact with professionals and explore the latest innovations and technologies in various industries. The five-day event will include speaker presentations, Q&A sessions, visitor interaction, and a chance to learn about the latest technology and innovations from professionals. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet and greet policy makers, government officials, influencers, and high-profile leaders to gain knowledge.

The Start-up Village will showcase prime industries in technology, such as medicine, gaming, and start-ups. High-profile leaders will lead the event with their knowledge of innovation and share insights into how to grow new markets.

The attendees will include 30% operators, 25% suppliers, 8% affiliates, 10% payment, 4% start-ups, 4% legal and regulators, 8% media, and 8% investors. Most attendees are C-level executives and will have an advantage over top investors and suppliers.

The event will target various industry segments, including affiliates, eSports, charitable gaming, tribal, casino operators, online gaming, visual sports, investor groups, horse racing, sports franchises, responsible gaming, and many more.

The event will feature Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and investor, who will attend the event on 14 March 2023, giving a 45-minute keynote speech and a Q&A session. The CPA Club International Forum will also feature an alliance with SiGMA to showcase Jordan Belfort, an American entrepreneur and speaker, also known as “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The event will feature industry experts like Jordan Belfort, John Lee, Dr. Sarah Al Madani, Joseph Holm, and many more sharing their experiences and insights during a conference session to discuss trending industries such as sports, Web3, the growth of cryptocurrency payments, online gaming in the Middle East, virtual reality, and many more.

The event will close with the Gala Awards, an invite-only VIP meet and greet drink and dinner. Awards such as Affiliate of the Year and Platform of the Year will celebrate the industry’s leading innovators. The Award Gala will support the Sigma Foundation and benefit African educational institutions.

A nightly networking dinner will provide an opportunity for attendees to meet and grow their business relationships. There will also be discussions on future opportunities for the MENA region.

SiGMA Eurasia is conducting its third supreme event at the Intercontinental Festival Arena in Dubai, offering attendees the chance to network with professionals, learn about the latest innovations and technologies, and give start-ups an invaluable opportunity to present their ideas to influencers and high-profile leaders. The event will feature high-profile entrepreneurs and government officials, providing great opportunities for development and expansion.