ZUNAVERSE.io and MetaSetGo Tie Up to Skyrocket Innovation in Digital space

Get ready to level up your passion for NFTs and mobile gaming with an exciting partnership between ZUNAVERSE.io and MetaSetGO! These two innovative companies are teaming up to provide Crypto, NFT, and P2E Gaming enthusiasts with a fresh and unique experience. 


“ZUNAVERSE is proud to support the NFT industry and bring innovation to the space. Our partnership with MSGO is the first of many as we work towards our goal of connecting and supporting dozens of projects.

The future for NFTs is looking brighter than ever!” ZUNAVERSE Tweeted.

MetaSetGo has handpicked ZUNAVERSE as its exclusive NFT marketplace partner, recognizing the platform’s exceptional system and supporting community members. Together, they strive to discover complementary BSC projects to enhance their collaboration and build a better future.

This partnership is set to unlock new opportunities for BSC projects to incorporate their tokens into ZUNAVERSE, enabling tokens and delivering instant utilities to the newly partnered communities. Moreover, MetaSetGo is gearing up to release its Metavere soon, which will feature exciting elements such as tropical islands, celebrity concerts, and lavish villas and mansions. ZUNAVERSE will provide exceptional NFT offerings within the Metaverse, promising a thrilling experience for everyone. 

Besides these developments, ZUNAVERSE is set to launch a significant UI/UX upgrade and AI NFT CREATOR suite, empowering users to easily create personalized NFTs. To make things even more thrilling, MetaSetGo recently launched its first-ever limited edition Rumble Cards NFT Collection that is live on ZUNAVERSE, consisting of 2700 in-game NFT characters that players will use to battle their friends inside RumbleGO in obstacle course-style gameplay where the player needs to clear the challenges to move to the next stage. This gameplay combines Play2Earn and player-versus-player mechanics.


About collaborating partners

ZUNAVERSE is an NFT marketplace where anyone can make, buy or sell their NFTs. The marketplace is set up on top of the largest crypto exchange’s mainnet, enabling quick transactions with lower fees. ZUNAVERSE constantly evolves to provide creators and buyers with an ever-improving, exhilarating NFT experience.

MetaSetGo is a renowned Smart Chain-based decentralized token. The company has marked its presence in the digital space by launching a metaverse, where players can have an exciting battle with their friends, and mindblowing games, compete in ultimate tournaments and earn revenue, depending on their performance.

Players will get a chance to become top players and challenge the leaderboard, where players can win weekly and monthly rewards. Not only this, the spectators can join the battle to boost the morale of their favorite players. Spectators also get a chance to win prizes like iPhones, PS5s, laptops, and other incentives for the supporters.