BlackRock is likely to launch Metaverse Thematic ETF 

  • Blackrock became the first ETF issuer in the United States. 
  • iShares firm will invest in companies that are expected to come up in the development of Metaverse.
  •  ETF has a total benefit value of around $5 million. 

According to the report, BlackRock, one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions, is issuing a metaverse-themed ETF, joining many others in the search. Reportedly, it has become the most recent ETF issuer inside the United States to introduce a thematic equity fund targeting companies globally that are shaping the development of the Metaverse. 

Blackrock’s Metaverse thematic ETF

An incoming report shows that BlackRock, the largest multinational investment firm globally, has been moving toward cryptocurrencies assets and Web3 technology. Among the company’s latest moves is the recent launch of the Metaverse Thematic Exchange-Traded Fund, designed to help capitalize on the potential of the Metaverse.

Using an expense ratio of 0.47%, the new iShares Future Metaverse Tech and Communication ETF (IVRS US) was recently added to the list of NYSE Arca.

Reports suggest that the fund was created on February 14.

According to the official website of iShares, the firm will invest in companies that are expected to come up into the metaverse in sectors including media, Virtual Platforms, 3D software, gaming, virtual and digital assets, and augmented reality. The top five companies included in the holdings are Apple (AAPL), Roblox (RBLX), Meta Platforms (META), Netizen (NTES), and Nvidia (Nvidia).

While framing this article, the official data of iShares revealed that as of February 17, 2023, the fund had only collected a net benefit of approx $5.02 million. 

In addition, the February 17 data suggests that 72.4% of the index’s total constituted the United States listed stocks. 

Other countries represented in the fund include South Korea (3.6%), China (10.2%), Japan (8.2%) and France (5.1%). Moreover, data indicate that most of the allocation in the IT industry is directed towards meta platforms, such as Nvidia, Apple, Roblox, and many more stocks.

Additionally, as per the report, more than half (53.2%) of the sector allocation of the index was directed to information technology shares, with a majority of the remaining risk allocated to communication services at 41.8%.

It is noteworthy that the post included Meta Platforms (6.2%), Unity Software (4.6%), Tencent (4.9%), NetEase (5.1%), Apple (5.7%), Nvidia (5.2%) and Roblox (5.2%). 

Metaverse’s performance in Crypto winter

While major companies like Microsoft (MSFT) and Meta demonstrated enthusiasm for Metaverse during the bull run, ongoing crypto slowed their funding of virtual social places between winter. 

Microsoft recently announced the end of a project aimed at encouraging the use of Metaverse in the industrial environment, which was only 4 months after its formation. Meanwhile, in 2022, Meta lost approx $ 14 billion in its emerging FRL (Facebook Reality Labs) division, including its advertising and virtual reality operations.

According to the ETF prospectus, it has a total benefit value of around $5 million and trades on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). This will mainly focus on equity and will not directly invest in cryptocurrencies. However, the fund will invest in companies clearly showing how to use digital assets or payment systems in the Metaverse.



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