Mid- East Zero Trust Market

Cyberattack threat increases rise Mid-East Zero trust market

  • Increase investment in Mid-East zero trust market to protect from cyber-attack threats.
  • GISEC Global Cybersecurity exhibition organized by Dubai World Trade Centre.

In the future, Middle Eastern governments and businesses will focus on Zero Trust Access (ZTA) technology to invest in defending themselves from cyber-attack threats. 

Upcoming exhibition of GISEC Global Cybersecurity in Dubai. The exhibition will be held from 14-16 March. The exhibitors said that ZTA Security is an approach to IT businesses and other companies will pursue. 

Organizations need to protect their data and confidential information from increasing cyber-attacks. 

The world has experienced Work from anywhere; even after the pandemic, many companies permitted Work from anywhere or a hybrid work culture.

Increases in cyber attacks on companies’ data and IoT devices compelled companies to heighten their efforts to assured their assets. Fueled-up Cybersecurity markets. The market analyst believes that the market will grow from $ 20 billion to 44.7 Billion in 2027. The annual growth of 17%. 

Increasing technological advancement, IoT traffics inflate the demand for Zero Trust Security solution. 

Zero Trust Security is a security structure that requires users to be verified, authenticated and authorized every time a user connects to software and an application. It was developed in 2009 by Forrester. 

Their old motto was “Trust, but verify” it allows users to connect to the network and verify them. 

The New motto of Zero Trust Security is “Never trust, always verify.”

The users must be verified first before they get connected to the network. 

Zero Trust Security works on three principles : 

Shouldn’t trust the network.

Limit user access.

Focus on reducing security breaches instead of preventing them. 

The methods and patterns of cybercrime remain the same, but their experience has increased. The IT security professionals and C-level executives will have excess solutions at the 11th edition of the GISEC Global cybersecurity event in Dubai. The event will have 400 exhibitors from 40 countries. The event will be organized by Dubai World Trade Centre from 14 March 2023 to 16 March 2023.

“The Zero Trust model addresses the Middle East’s growing concern of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, while providing a more comprehensive approach to security by requiring verification of all users and devices, regardless of location, and implementing strict access controls,” said Riju George, Group Director for GISEC at DWTC.

In time we have seen every sector is easily accessible to hacking by attackers. Sectors like financial, healthcare, information technology, and gaming. Mobile and IoT devices were also the victims of cybercrime. The attackers have breached the system and made headlines from incidents. The surge in threats tipped the market growth of Middle-Eastern Zero trust. Zero Trust network will protect the data of organizations. 

GISEC Global Cybersecurity annual three-day exhibition will have C-level executives and IT Security professionals to have excess on the increase in cyberattacks. The Zero trust model addresses Mid-East concern about cybercrime and provides a security approach by verifying all the users and devices.



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