Mobile World Congress (MWC) Trade Fair 2023 in Barcelona

  • MWC’s annual wireless trade fair is the biggest technology show.
  • Show dedicated to smartphones, telecom, metaverse and other innovative technologies.

MWC Mobile World Congress was inaugurated in 1987 as the GSW World congress. It is an annual trade show filled mobile communication industry. GSMA is holding an event. 

GSMA has extended the MWC brand to two other shows. One in Shanghai, China and the other in Las Vegas, USA.

The Mobile World Congress 2023 wireless trade fair officially started on Monday, 27 February. It will be a 4-day event, attended by thousands of visitors and companies participating in the biggest technology event.

GSMA is hosting the event. Holding in Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. Eighty thousand visitors are attending the fair from over 200 countries. 

Companies showcasing their new launch and upgraded technologies. The first went by; as expected, it was a busy day. As said before, the event has started, and many companies, namely Honor, One plus, Huawei, & HMD Nokia, are expected to make a big announcement. 

Let’s check the upgrade or new launches the companies have added to their products.

Lenovo’s Rollable Concept Smartphone and Laptop

Lenovo pitched a fascinating future rollable smartphone and Laptop. First teased The idea in October, and now, at MWC 2023 fair, it debuted. 

Lenovo launched a rollable laptop, and Moto riz rollable smartphone.

Lenovo’s newest PCs have a rollable screen, meaning the Laptop will stay stable Laptop can vertically extend the screen upto to the customer’s requirement. The normal screen display of the Laptop is 12.7 inches with an aspect ratio of 4.3, and It will extend to 15.3 inches with an 8.9 aspect ratio. Normal resolution 2024*1604 and extended resolution 2024*2368. 

Flip a small switch on the right side of the frame, and you will hear a motor whirring, and then in a few seconds, the screen will get extended.

Light Fidelity Wireless Technology 

Light fidelity launched its new antenna module at the Mobile World Congress fair. Li-Fi is a green technology that uses multiple LED luminaires. The device complies with the forthcoming IEEE 802.11bb standard, meaning Li-Fi will easily connect with 802.11 networking equipment. LiFi is a wireless technology to transmit Data. It releases a reliable wireless connection much faster than WiFi and 5Gs. 

One plus 11 and One plus liquid Cooling accessory. 

Everyone was very excited and waiting for the launch of One plus 11. The wait is over with the debut of One Plus 11 at the MWC fair. One plus carries out a glowing cooling technology called ‘Active Cyroflux.’ The technology will provide thermal down the phone upto 21 degrees and around 16 degrees during charging. 

It will also reduce the charging time by 30-40 seconds. 

Apart from the one plus 11, one plus has also launched a device called ‘ One plus 45W liquid cooling accessory’ that can reduce phone temperature upto 20 degrees. 

Techno’s color-changing technology

Many smartphones use color-changing technology; even Techno has released ‘Camon 19 Pro Mondrian color-changing technology. It is the first time Techno has come to the MWC fair; Techno has unveiled its chameleon color-changing technology. It has 1600 different colors and changes its color in 0.03 seconds. The technology uses little energy, though it may vary on battery level, notifications and music. 

Many companies unveiled products and technologies on the first day of the MWC tech fair. 

The Mobile World Congress fair has begun, and the companies are showcasing their products and technologies. It is a four-day event attended by thousands of visitors.