Dubai Metaverse

Dubai Metaverse Panel Unleashes Gamified Food and Virtual Aromas

  • “Foodverse”allows users to experience senses created in metaverse 
  • Expansion of technology to gear up the Virtual market
  • Promoting the idea to connect Global Food Industry with Web3 

Gulfood 2023, held in Dubai, showcased the growing importance of the metaverse in the food business landscape. According to a panel of advisors to the UAE’s metaverse strategy, the metaverse is expected to usher in the “Age of the Metapreneur,” a new era of heightened consumer engagement. 

By creating technologies that allow users to smell scents created in the metaverse and participate in digital F&B brand experiences, the metaverse offers pioneering food brands, restaurants, and online retailers an opportunity to capitalize on this movement. 

E-commerce is expected to experience a super boom in the metaverse, with actual transactions starting to happen in the metaverse as technology advances. By using the metaverse as a new sales channel, businesses can create experiences in the metaverse and link them back to their Web2 e-commerce websites.

The metaverse is an exciting new frontier for the food industry, and businesses that embrace it early are sure to reap the benefits.

The metaverse is an immersive 3D environment that replicates the physical world, accessed via a computer, smartphone or headset. A cryptocurrency wallet is necessary for active involvement in the metaverse, and augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets may also be required for some platforms. Alistair Pernigo, chairman and CTO at Auralink, is developing the “Metaverse of Senses,” which could allow consumers to smell objects in the metaverse. The scents of the metaverse smell so realistic. 

The technology could also have a far-reaching societal impact, including soil health and plant and pest detection analysis. 

Steps Towards Gamification of the Food Industry

OneRare is scaling up its platform to gamify the global food industry within web3 using non-fungible tokens(NFTs). The company has partnered with celebrity chefs, cooking shows, restaurants, and food brands to mint NFTs for their signature dishes. 

“We began our journey in January 2021. We started as an non-fungible token (NFT) project in the area of food,” Supreet Raju shares. “These are digital assets that can hold anything – a piece of music or art. We thought food is a brilliant message to send out, because even if we don’t understand blockchain, we all know what goes into French fries, for example.”

Burger brand pickl has unveiled the UAE’s first metaverse dining experience, where customers can create an avatar and collect a token in a simulated Web3 wallet. After redeeming their token, a real burger is delivered to them.

The metaverse could also make culinary classes more accessible to students in remote parts of the world. The metaverse constantly spreads its roots to create a life-like environment for users. 



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