Blockswap hosted a MultiChain ERC20 event at ETHDenver

  • Reportedly, Around 16 speakers shared their thoughts on Web 3 and the Ethereum network’s future on March 3, 2023. 
  • The Multichain ERC20 is the upgraded version of the ERC20.

The Multichain ERC20 event is happening at The Source Hotel in Denver, Colorado. It’s a two-day program from March 3 to March 4, 2023. However, day 1 was completed successfully. Blockswap Network, a London-based software company offering stake liquidity protocols for PoS chains, hosted the event. 

The MultiChain event’s objective 

This event took place during the ETHDenver event. Industry leaders and Ethereum enthusiasts gathered all together at the Multichain ERC20 event to discuss and share thoughts on the essential topic of the Ethereum network. Although to discuss the future of Web3, ERC20’s event collected the most inspired brains in the same place. 

People can hear the voice of leaders from Blockswap Labs, Certora, bloXroute Labs, Dappnode, ChainSecurity, EthStaker, SSV Network, Voltz and Runtime Verification at the event. The event’s theme and motive are to introduce new smart protocols which help decentralize Ethereum and make the network more secure through liquid stacking derivatives. However, the event desires to work on the 3 basic functions as follows; 

  • Upgradation of ERC20
  • Liquid Stacking Derivatives Network 
  • Proof of Neutrality Relay 

What are liquid stacking derivatives? 

Liquid stacking is a new and trending way to earn yields in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. After the recent Ethereum 2.0 Merge, Ethereum appears as a proof or stake chain offering users to stake the ETH to secure the network and allow users to receive the stacking awards.   

Liquid staking derivatives are nothing but just a token with the same features as crypto tokens, such as fungibility, transferable, fractional and many more. Users receive liquid stacking derivatives by stacking ETH and a token with the liquid stacking provider. 

According to StakingRewards, only 14.93% of the circulating ETH supply is currently staked. Blockswap comes with a new stacking protocol by which any market participant can create and join a liquid stacking network in just 60 seconds.  

Topics included in the discussion 

  • Liquid stacking current issues consisting of centralized and co-mingling of assets. 
  • Detecting the user’s ETH movement after depositing into a liquid stacking pool without using an oracle. 
  • Impact on the market after creating 1000 LSD. 
  • Focusing on increasing the numbers of home stakers in the Ethereum ecosystem by breaking down the barriers to entry. 

About Multichain ERC20

Blockswap introduced a new way for cross-chain messaging and asset movements called State Replication Gateway (SRG). This Gateways makes users eligible to access their token on other layers, blockchain and rollups without giving up custody to a third party.

Multichain ERC20 is the upgraded version of the ERC20. It sounds and looks like a bridge, but it’s not a bridge. However, Multichain ERC20 is the way to increase the figures of ETH adoptions. 



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