(DIFC) Partners With Napier For Next Gen Client Screening Solutions 

  • Napier Client Screening Systems provides next-gen security solutions with screening 
  • Re-screening services along with combating money laundering and financing of terrorism standards. 
  • It will help DIFC in efficient client & company screening at relevant intervals and keeping a track of client data and tracking systems. 

In the wake of multiple events questioning the legitimacy of financial ecosystems in the largest innovation hub today, Dubai Internantional Financial Center (DIFC) has now chosen Napier Client Screening Systems to upgrade its screening of companies and clients.

The Middle East today, harbours the largest number of companies and hails most of the top banks worldwide and therefore, it requires to scale up its security systems in order to ensure client safer and data protection which is essential to safeguard the present economy. 

Why Napier Screening Systems? 

Napier Screening Systems is known for its best in business features. It comes with built-in features such as Integrated Sandbox to test screening configurations, AI Advisor to help analysts to review alerts faster by identifying false customers and it offers enhanced matching capabilities. 

Along with client management and screening services, Napier also provides anti-financial crime solutions to many organizations such as central banks and monetary agencies across the Middle East, Africa and South Asian region (MEASA).

What will be the Immediate Effects of this partnership?  

With a partnership like that of DIFC and Napier, there is going to be an effective boost in adaptation of more such services with regards to that of cryptocurrency as in the current scenario where the world crypto market looks upto some specific field giants especially those in the Middle East such as Dubai.

It is prominent that they do set up an example of crypto exchanges but also how to set up a security ecosystem that makes the trade authentic for all. With multiple players entering the arena, it largely becomes imperative to allow only the genuine traders in order to keep the trust of not only the investors but also the entire crypto fraternity. 

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and now RAK have made their economic zones very much accommodating for crypto trade worldwide and the regions have emerged to be the top favourite for validators worldwide. It is likely that these giants are appearing to be the trend setters in the crypto world and have the unsaid responsibility to make the free economic zones as a sustainable platform with every avenue they explore and every innovation they introduce. 

The partnership can result in garnering greater faith and interest of the sections that might not have given a considerable attention to crypto trades before and it can also enhance services that are currently being provided by other screening services platforms. 

DIFC currently holds a great accountability for world’s top finance giants which makes it emperial in the industry and hence, allows it access to various sources and data that largely decides the upcoming shifts in cryptocurrency industry. Incorporation of better security measures can therefore be seen as the next much needed shift and to the financial compliance standards.