MWC 2023

Nokia Showcased their 6G Sensing Technology at MWC 2023

  • Nokia Showcased its new 6G Sensing Technology.
  • 6G sensing technology will revolutionize how we interact with the digital World. 
  • Nokia also redesigns its Logo. 

The annual tech fair MWC 2023, organized by GSMA. At the fair, Nokia demonstrates its new 6G Sensing technology. 

The 2023 MWC fair started on 27 February. The four-day event covers companies showcasing their new launch and upgraded technologies.

Nokia launched 6G sensing technology at the MWC annual fair. The company also demonstrates Sensing technology.

The aim behind the launch of 6G sensing Technology is to enhance how we currently connect with the digital World. 6G will allow revolutionary development, including in autonomous transportation, Safety, Healthcare, Industry 4.0 and many others. 

Nokia Demonstrates the 6G Sensing Technology

The first demonstration by Nokia was by using Radio waves. The 6G technology will have the potential to be able to detect the Human body, animals, and objects. 

Without the need for visualization, the technology will locate the person. 

To demonstrate the technology, Nokia showcased a piano, and the woman was walking in front of it, and the piano could locate the woman. 

The second demonstration of 6G sensing technology was to confirm pedestrian safety. every day, we hear about pedestrian accidents, and often the person dies on the scene. 

The vehicle with the 6G Sensing technology will be able to detect nearby pedestrians and won’t allow the vehicle to move until the pedestrian is far. 

Both technologies run on 27GHz and are an example of future projects. 

Nokia has also launched the 6G technology on the Moon. The company will install the 4G/LTE network on the Moon. 

Nokia at MWC 2023

The start of a new era, as Nokia, redesign its Logo after 60 years to address the World that doesn’t only make mobile phones. 

Nokia was established in 1865 in Finland. Since then, the World has only seen Nokia as a Mobile manufacturing company. At the fair of Mobile World Congress 2023, Nokia talked about its Brand new strategy. MWC is a platform for worldwide companies to launch new and upgraded products, technologies and services. 

Nokia’s new strategy is to make more wireless products and enhance their work on High capacity network and digitation industries. 

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia also launched its upcoming phones. The event is filled with amazing features variety of phones which totally focused on mainstream industry. These phones will have faster speeds, lower latencies, and the first gateway to support WiFi 6E. So they will be ideal for home working experience, office applications and networks, and home entertainment. 

Mobile World Congress 2023 fair wrapped by companies showcasing new products, technologies and services. Nokia proves that it is indeed not only a mobile manufacturing company. Nokia, at the fair, launched the potential of 6G Sensing technology. Nokia has also announced the upcoming phones at the fair.