Why Web3 is becoming such hype for Big Brands and Celebrities

  • Big Brands and Celebrities are stepping into Web3, a Decentralized Internet. 
  • Web3 gives celebrities a platform to host events, concerts and festivals.
  • Celebrities are also launching their Web3 platforms and NFT collections. 

Big Brands and Celebrities are accepting and creating Web3 platforms and dropping NFT collections. 

Technology has always attracted humans, and there is no big, more engaging technology than the Internet. The Internet’s impact on human life is more than just a way to create content and communicate globally. 

The Internet has brought people together and made them creative since the early 2000s when social media started as a platform available for everyone, communication was easy, and users started making content. 

Previously the content maker of the Internet has been the center of the sphere, but now it is more than that. Tech firms have started seeing the Internet as more than a marketplace.

The firm is now using users’ interests to engage them to their interest and making social media platforms a way to increase the economy. 

Social media platforms have some noticeable flaws because of their centralized nature. The revolution of the Internet ‘Web3’ is a decentralized Internet that an individual or firm does not control. It is for the community and is run by the community. 

Revolution of the Internet, Web3 

The growing interest of Web3 and Metaverse in Big brands and companies has extended. Every day, Brands and celebrity are launching their NFTs collections. Last year Snoop Dogg came out as one of the biggest NFT whales. 

Snoop Dogg co-founded the Web3 streaming platform ‘Shiller .’Where users can showcase their art, engage with fans and create a secure community using NFTs ownership. 

Celebrities use Metaverse, a Web3-enabled platform, to host virtual concerts. Many celebrities have thrown Metaverse concerts and festivals. 

In February 2019, Metaverse was barely a platform for hosting events and programs. Fortnite: Marshmallow was attended by ten million people and has opened the gate to the future of metaverse concerts. 

On 19 November 2021, Justin Bieber had his first Metaverse show on the wave, where he performed his famous hits. 

Metaverse also hosted not only concerts but also events and festivals. In 2022, Jonathan Simkhai carried out his collection in Second life. People can purchase the outfit at NFT, where users can dress as one avatar in the Second life game. 

Celebrities and Big Brands are also stepping into Web3 platforms to allure customers. Recently Nike has launched ‘Swoosh,’ where Nike will allow members to learn, collect and to co-create virtual product collections. Collections such as Jerseys and shoes. 

Brands like Gucci, Prada, and Adidas also offer their NFT collections. 

Celebrities and Big brands are recognizing the potential of Web3 platforms. Brands and celebrities embrace Web3 platforms by launching their NFTs collections and hosting events and concerts on Metaverse. This is just the tip of the iceberg Web3 has a big future and engagement.