UAE Innovation

UAE Innovates: What futuristic projects will bring UAE?

  • UAE has significantly been on the top position as the most innovative Arab country, according to the annual Global innovation Index, 2022. 
  • Encouraging programmes such as UAE Innovates focuses largely on addressing long-term challenges and can be adopted by the UAE government if they hold the potential. 
  • These innovations are assessed on the basis of how accurately it can contribute to UAE’s focus on enhancimng its readiness for the future. 

The future holds many uncertainties and pathways that are yet to be explored  in every field that one can point to. In past few decades, the accuracy to predict what the future in terms of commerce and technology might look like has transitioned from the courts of Western and European professionals to that of UAE.

In order to garner the spirit of innovation and transformation, the UAE organizes one of the largest national events which celebrates new ideas and showcases them on a platform with unprecedented reach and attention. 

With the ever evolving climate of UAE, this year holds a range of some of the most advanced and innovative projects where some may still be pipelines whereas others will reach fruition. 

World’s Tallest Residential Tower 

Burj Binghatti is on its way to offer residents to live amidst the clouds. It is anticipated to have more than 112 storeys and will be constructed to exceed 472 meters in height. It will be developed in partnership with Jacob & Co, headquartered in New York. 

Urban Technology District 

Dubai’s Urban Tech District, being developed by URB, is designed to become the new global tech hub, accommodating expansive areas for conferences, seminars, training and research sessions and is believed to be generating more than 4,000 jobs. 

UAE Rail Project 

The Etihad Rail project will be laid out between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to create better connectivity between the two regions and further connect it to RAK and Sharjah by October 2023. Once the rail network is established and deemed operational, it will serve its purpose to connect the UAE region with the rest of the Gulf. 

Deira to Dubai Islands 

Offering more than 80 resorts and hotels flaunting the serenity and cultural diversity of the UAE, architect and developer Nakheel has been designing 5 island expanding over 17 sq. km to make it the dream destination of globe trotters worldwide. It is planned to be paired with recreational beaches, springs and clubs. 

The Abrahamic Family House 

The structure is designed as a symbol to celebrate, represent and preserve the Abrahamic religions : Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is built with uniformed dimesions measuring equal on all sides to emphasize that no religion or faith is more dominant than another. 

Apart from these projects, there are many other innovative residential projects that are underway to completion this year. The Saadiyat Island is home to the projects of Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi, Louvre Abu Dhabi Residences, and Villas for Jubail Island along with Yas Island.

Construction of Natural History Museum, Reen Mall which will be home to region’s biggest snow park, Sea World Abu Dhabi, Abu Mureikha district’s Pink Sandstone Temple, Hatta in the Hajar Mountains is also underway this year. 

The Falcon Island at Al Hamra, Sharjah Forest District and Al Jurf are also constructed focusing on wildlife and porest preservation.