KARM Legal

KARM Legal Releases a Regulatory Report for Virtual Assets Work. 

  •  KARM is a legal Consultancy based in UAE
  • The legal firm releases a report in collaboration with foremost legal experts.
  • The report was launched at the annual Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Night.

KARM is a legal consultancy drafting the regulation policies for the work of Virtual Assets after the continuous growth in the use of virtual assets. 

Every day, Dubai is transforming into a global hub for virtual assets. Dubai becomes the first country to regulate Virtual Assets work. 

Legal consultancy firm collaborates with various legal experts, including Mr. Thomas Nagele, Mr. Jonathan Geen, and Mr. Andreas Glarner. The regional Blockchain Ecosystem Crypto Oasis has released a report to guide, regulate and analyze the Virtual Assets framework. 

Growing engagement and continuous use of Blockchain technology and it is keep growing. Engagement needs a good regulatory system with a large number of users globally. 

KARM Legal Framework

The KARM regulatory structure will mainly focus on various business sectors, including AML/ KYC, keeping private and public keys in custody, token organization, and organizing wallets.  

“We are pleased to have compiled and published this report, which we hope will contribute to the ongoing conversations around the regulatory landscape for virtual assets,” said Kokila Alagh, Founder of KARM Legal Consultants. “As the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency continues to evolve, it is crucial to keep up with the latest developments and understand how they impact the industry,” she added.

A report for regulating Virtual assets work was launched at the annual Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Night. The event was held in Dubai, Cove Beach, in Caesars Palace. 

The report was launched in front of Industry players, C-level executives and organizations. The report was Authorized as “Virtual Assets Regulatory Framework: An Evolving Landscape.” 

To regulate the growth of Virtual Assets in UAE, UK, USA, Switzerland, Bahrain, and Liechtenstein. 

The firm provides their client business with the best legal guide and support for running emerging Blockchain technology, fundraising and funds, and data privacy. KARM legal team will provide regulations for Virtual Assets. 

The legal consultancy, with its team of legal experts, provided the report in collaboration with prominent legal experts for regulating the structure of Digital Assets. The regulation is issued by Free zone authorities, federal and the emirate level.

KARM is a legal consultancy based in the United Arab Emirates. Founded 

In 2018, at The Peace Palace, The Hague. Ever since its launch, the firm has been supporting and providing solutions to its clients across the technology field globally. 

The firm’s focus area is Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Data privacy, emerging technologies, Start-up advisory, Fund & fundraising and many more. 

The firm also frames guiding and regulatory policies for the MENA & GCC regions. 

Kokila Alagh founds KARM legal consultant. 

KARM Legal Consultancy partnered with foremost legal experts to release regulatory policies to structure the Virtual Assets. Continuous growth in digital assets and being adopted in large numbers globally made regulating digital assets necessary. The federal, emirate level and free zone authorities issue the regulation. 



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