Chase2Earn: A Blockchain Game, seek the unique Game Modes

  • Chase2Earn is a blockchain game where users can play to earn NFT cars.
  • Revolutionize gaming experiences with their thrilling and unique game modes. 

Chase2Earn is a blockchain game providing players with a decentralized gaming space with unique and exciting multiple gaming modes. 

Chase2Earn provides its users with a decentralized gaming experience. It is a racing game where users race each other to win rewards. The game is built on the BNB chain. 

The game offers high graphics, unique and exciting features and game modes. It allows users to purchase, upgrade and race NFTs cars. 

Chase2Earn Unique features

Fuel System puts a limit on the daily usage of the game. No matter how many cars users have in their wallets, they can only use 21 fuels daily. 

This feature is only applicable in multiplayer mode. 

Level up system, the game has upgraded and leveled up in its system. So each car will boast twenty levels. The players will receive level points. Players can use these points to enhance bolts on the NFT cars.

Repair cost: The players will race their cars and will cause damage to the cars. When the car reaches the maximum damage, the players can fix the damage but must pay the repair cost. The cost will vary on the type and level of the car. The repair price can be low if the player upgrades the tire bolt of the car. 

The design and features will enhance the gaming experience of the player. The decentralized nature will let you control the NFTs and tokens. 

When players race each other and will receive rewards, rewards in the form of tokens, players can trade them inside the game in the Crypto market. 

Multiple gaming Modes

The game provides four different modes to explore and increase your gaming experience. Players are not limited to one mode, unlike many games that don’t provide multiple gaming mode options.

In Multiplayer Mode – players will race against each other globally. Multiplayer mode is good for those players who like to compete and have intense gameplay. 

 In Training Mode– players who like to train and improve their skills can use the training mode. Players in a quiet place can strategize their gameplay and practice to master their gaming skills. 

Private room Mode– only provides players to play with friends or family. All players must do is create a private room and share access with those who want to race. 

Tournament Mode – players looking for a thrilling and intense experience. To show and test their skills, players will choose a tournament mode. Who will have victory will be rewarded with exciting rewards. 

Chase2Earn also offers a decentralized NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade their pretentious in-game assets. 

Chase2Earn is a blockchain NFT car racing game providing users with a decentralized gaming space. The game gives users a thrilling experience with exciting modes and features. Players can earn rewards



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