MENA announced the first council with Fintech at Investopia 2023.

  • MENA announces collaboration with Fintech leaders at Investopia.
  • Investopia had its annual conference on 02-03-2023 in Abu Dhabi.

Investopia had its annual convention on 02-03 March 2023 in Abu Dhabi. In the convention, MENA announced a council for the fintech leaders. 

Investopia, a global investment platform, hosted its annual conference in 2023. The convention aims to provide the users a platform to explore and engage with the industry players and experts to get their insights and knowledge. 

A chance to connect with C-level executives, leaders and investors to expand their network and market to get profitable investments.

MENA at Investopia

MENA announces the collaboration with the fintech in the annual convention at Investopia 2023. 

The Middle East and North Africa call attention to the significance of collaboration for the companies and the coin’s economic growth. 

The platform will provide an opportunity for the experts and leaders of the fintech in MENA to share their ideas, insights and knowledge that will be profitable. 

The arrangement behind the collaboration is to focus on economic assortment and regulations.

The collaboration will help fintech to lead and show its framework in the MENA region.

The council’s main agenda is to focus on varying from economic diversity and inflation to emerging risks. Regulations and climate change. They will be monitoring the council by arranging meetings and updates. The meeting is invited only to founders and executives of the fintech industry. 


Financial technology is chosen as one of the main sectors at Investopia 2023. Investopia hosted a session called “Fintech Revolution,” where they talked about the role of UAE in Fintech innovation and the use of Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies to change and evolve the financial infrastructure centers. 

Fintech also talked about the UAE’s role in several programs in the area of financial technology. Programs like Abu Dhabi’s ‘Ghadan 21’. 

Ghadan 21 was a 3-year accelerator program to extend the economic development of emirates through investment in business and innovations. 

In 2022, UAE reached a record of USD 2.5 Billion in MENA’s fintech market.

Chairman of Mena Fintech Association Nameer Khan said, “They are thrilled to launch the first council during Investopia 2023 and to bring together the most influential fintech leaders and experts in the Middle East and North Africa region,” He further added, “The fintech industry is playing a critical role in driving economic growth and shaping the economic future of the region, and the council provides a platform for leaders in the industry to collaborate and drive the industry forward,”

Abdullah Ahmad Al Saleh, under-secretary of the Ministry of Economy, said, “They are deligted to see Mena Fintech Association launching the council, the gathering of fintech leaders and experts in Mena region, during Investopia Conference 2023, in the UAE which is the top destination for financial and digital technology companies in the Middle East.”

MENA announced their collaboration with Fintech leaders during investopia 2023. The collaboration will have them sharing insights and ideas that will revolutionize the industry.



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