Blinx, Launched in Dubai: An Innovative Storytelling Startup

  • Blinx aims to provide a platform for truthful storytelling in the MENA region.
  • Media specialist General Manager Nakhle Elhage will lead Blinx.
  • Blinx has published its plan to distribute content primarily through its online portal and social media channels.

Blinx, positioning itself as a digital native storytelling hub, has launched in Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The platform describes the first in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. 

The company aims to provide a platform for original storytelling in the MENA region. The company aims to deliver “more stories, less noise” through content created by and for the region’s youth.

According to the Founders of Blinx, huge market gap in the MENA region for a digital platform concentrated on storytelling. They see an opportunity to create a platform dedicated to showcasing the story, outlook and experience of the region’s youth.

Blinx is an opportunity for youngsters to share their exclusive viewpoint 

Blinx will be led by media specialist general manager Nakhle Elhage, Director of News and Current Affairs at Al Arabiya. The Middle East’s leading news channel for almost 16 years.

Blinkx’s idea stands out because it is emerging as a platform where young people from across MENA can share their interesting stories and connect with each other. The platform will allow youth to express themselves. Give their perspective on issues that are important to them and will be resolved.

Mr. Elhage, general manager of Blinx, said the startup aims to inspire young audiences in the region through truthful, real and immersive storytelling. 

According to the GM of Blinks, the platform aims to provide news, infotainment, and entertainment content that contributes to building a better future. Using the best technology and skilled teams. Further, he added, “Our new digital hub aims to be the go-to destination for stories that connect young people in MENA to the world and like-minded communities.”

Way Ahead

As per reports, Blinx is headquartered in the high-tech Dubai Media City studios. Being dubbed the first native storytelling hub in the MENA region. As mentioned, it will probably launch on multiple platforms very soon.

Blinx has published its plan to distribute content primarily through its online portal and social media channels. Meanwhile, the company plans to release a digital app for smart devices. In a very short time to make its content more accessible to users.

Blinks’ creative start to storytelling is a refreshing and thrilling development in a world. Where traditional media channels struggle to draw young viewers’ attention. Using recent technology and a team of skilled professionals. Blinks intends to inspire and engage youth through direct, genuine and amazing storytelling.

Blinx supports the go-to destination for youth-driven content. It inspires, connects and entertains youth across the MENA region.