‘Phygital’ Dubai First of its Kind! Digital Fashion Week

  • Digital Fashion Week collaborating with Space Metaverse.
  • Top speakers and Fashion Industry leaders are coming to the event.
  • The event is providing an opportunity to the upcoming fashion enthusiasts. 

Digital Fashion Week is taking the next step in the fashion industry to host its first ever digital fashion event in Dubai. Get ready to experience Dubai like never before. 

Every day Dubai is taking the next step to become the hub for the Metaverse. Dubai is holding its first digital fashion event. In the event top designers, industry leaders and tech enthusiasts will come to showcase their designs and share their insights on the future of the Fashion Industry. 

Digital Fashion Week Event 

The fashion industry is evolving and accepting new technologies and innovations. One of the innovations the fashion world is stepping on is the combination of the physical and digital world “Phygital”. The event will be held for the physical world on ‘Disartive Fair’ and on Metaverse people can have access to the Space from anywhere. The event will occur on 18 and 19 March.

This way it will attract a bigger audience. The event will create a digital experience for the first time for the audience to participate in. 

Digital Fashion Week: what to expect?

Exploring the Phygital Trend in the Fashion World. Phygital events are a new trend in the world which is a sweet irony as the fashion world is always up for creating trends. 

In the show the top fashion leaders and speakers come from  around the world to share their insights and knowledge. They will share their personal experiences and talk about the latest trends in the fashion world.

DFW collaborated with the “Space” Metaverse to provide a Metaverse Fashion show to the participants. The collaboration will provide a great and memorable experience for the fashion enthusiast to witness. The event is accessible to anyone from anywhere. The fashion enthusiast can use computers, VR or mobile phones.

DFW also hosts a digital fashion show by digital designers. A fashion runway for upcoming fashion enthusiasts to showcase their art and participate in the competition. 

The two day event will wrap up the event with Digital fashion awards. The people who have made an impactful work in the fashion industry will be awarded. 

MetaverseXDigital Fashion Week

Two trends that are never off the chart are fashion and technology. The collaboration is exploring the changes to bring in the industry. It will show the world wide brands it is very easy for anyone to create and participate in the virtual space in the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse platform can later be used to sell their products in the form of NFTs. 

The collaboration opens a new gate for people to sell and promote their products in the decentralized world. 

Future endeavors 

For fashion and tech enthusiasts, Dubai is going to put on a special fashion show in November 2023. Emirates’ first NFT collection, DubaiPeeps with LandRockers will collaborate to present a NFT and Model avatar-based virtual fashion catwalk show.   

Digital Fashion teamed up with the ‘Space’ Metaverse to show the world the innovative idea to showcase fashion shows on both physical and digital platforms. The event will be held in Dubai on 18 and 19 March 2023. Dubai is calling! be part of the excitement.