Lightningcon Vietnam

Asia’s First Bitcoin & Lightning Convention: Lightningcon Vietnam

  • Asia having their first Bitcoin and Lightning Conference.
  • The event will be held on 22-24 March 2023 in Vietnam.
  • The Conference will be organized by Neutronpay and BitcoinVN.

 Asia to hold first ever Bitcoin and lightning conference. The Lightningcon Vietnam in March 2023. 

Asia has always looked down and sided for any Bitcoin and lightning network conferences. 

Da Nang, the city of Vietnam, as some are calling “Bitcoin Beach Vietnam” will host the convention.

Asia is having its first ever Bitcoin and lightning network conference in Vietnam. Neutronpay and BitcoinVN organized an event on 22-24 March.

The two day event will bring speakers and the stakeholders of Bitcoin space to share the latest developments in the bitcoin space. 

Lightningcon Vietnam opening Speakers

The prime speakers of the convention include Elizabeth Stark, Jimmy Song, Albert Buu, Dominic Weil, Malcolm weed and more. They will be initiating speakers, sharing their insights and knowledge in the Bitcoin space. 

The speakers share their viewpoint in both the industrial and financial sectors. The Bitcoin and Lighteningcon Vietnam Network space proven his vision with the attendees. 


22 March | 6pm – 12am | Pre Conference Party

23 March | 9am – 5pm | Session, 5pm – late | Drinks, Food and Beach side party

24 March | 9am – 5pm | Session, 5pm – late | Drinks, Food and Beach side party

25 March | Staycation, Sightseeing the tourist areas. 

What to expect at the convention?

The event will start with the beach meet and greet on 22 March evening. The event will continue for two days with prime speakers sharing their knowledge about the advancement of the Bitcoin space.

The Chief operating officer of Neutronpay, Malcolm Weed, the main organizer of the event said, They are extremely excited to organize the world’s first Bitcoin and Lightning event in Asia. 

Bitcoin adoption is very strong across the region, with countries like Vietnam, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Thailand and China all being in the top-10 global rankings for Bitcoin adoption, making it the world’s Bitcoin epicenter. 

Over 4 billion people in Asia 70% of which are not serve by banks. It is no wonder Bitcoin adoption is so strong.”

Malcolm further added, “When he looks around he notices that except for Asia. Every other part of the world is represents with events. Asia has no specific merging market, completely overlooked in view of global ranking. Further He added ‘We are proud to say that since we have announced the event, it is on many people’s must-hit conference calendars. So far we have built a list of great industry leaders, speakers and many recognizable Bitcoiners. An emphasis on making sure that we have representation from countries across South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.”

Lighteningcon Vietnam tickets to the conference are limited. Only 500 attendees will be attending the event. The price of tickets and detailed information of the conference is on their website. 

As per Sources, Neutronpay and BitcoinVN will be organizing Asia’s first ever Bitcoin and Lightning Conference on 22-24 March. The event will go on for two days in Vietnam with limited attendees. Where high profile speakers will share their knowledge and insights.