Starbucks Odyssey

Starbucks Odyssey released NFT “Stamps” sold out in minutes.

  • Odyssey Starbucks has launched a Web3 technology program secured by Polygon Blockchain.
  • Forum3 partnered with Starbucks on the program.   
  • Non-Crypto users can also purchase the Starbucks NFT and have the experience of the program,

Starbucks Odyssey has unleashed their first ever limited NFT collection called “The Siren Collection”. 

The globally famous coffee company has released ‘The Stamps’ NFT. The main aim is to enhance the coffee knowledge and to increase the customers’ interactions. There are only 2000 limited NFTs. 

Even though the NFTs are limited but starbucks Odyssey was overwhelmed by the traffic and sold out in less than 20 minutes,

Starbucks Odyssey NFT Stamps

Starbucks has stepped into the NFT market. The program is still in its Beta phase. The program is invite only, members can join the waitlist on the website to receive an invitation. 

The invited members have to take part in activities like quizzes and challenges to be rewarded with journey stamps. These members can later purchase the NFT. Each member can only purchase two stamps only. 

Members can purchase it through Crypto Wallet. The members who are Non-Crypto users can also purchase the NFT directly with a Credit Card.

Ownership will be identified on the Polygon Blockchain. The Starbucks program is currently for US based members only. 

The main aim behind the launch of the Starbucks NFT is to celebrate the culture, history and the future of Starbucks. The coffee company wants customers to have access to entertainment and fun, to interact with each other, to participate in challenges, to learn about the history and culture of Coffee and to have a mesmerising brand experience. 

Members can purchase collective stamps and will have benefits including rewarded with Starbucks artwork that is one of a kind. Members will have access to unique and exclusive offers.

Listed on Nifty Gateway

The members experienced errors when purchasing the stamps. Despite this, 2000 NFT stamps were wipe out. The floor price was $100. These NFT stamps can be collected or resold by the Nifty Gateway. 

The current floor price is surpassing $500. The Limited-edition stamps members have already completed their journey. It has already been listed on Nifty Gateway market. These stamps are up for reselling for more than the floor price.  

According to the Nifty Gateway Market, these stamps have a total secondary market volume of approx $121,795.  

Starbucks collaborated with Forum3 and launched their first ever limited NFTs. The partnership offers customers a chance to learn more about the history and the rich culture of coffee. Starbucks intended to grow the relationship with the customers. The stamps release on 09 March, Thursday at the price of $100 and sold out in only a few minutes.