DRx is releasing its Web3-inspired collection on 16 March.

  • DRx is dropping its latest limited collection of streetwear. 
  • The collection has t-shirts, hoodies, Baseball hats and Onesie. 
  • Drug Receipt is joining hands with Walker World for the wearables. 

Metaverse clothing brand DRx allied with Walk World to release the collection of Web3-inspired wearables.

Arlo Eisenberg, an inline skater and other Co-founders, Tyler Shields and Brooke Howard Smith, were behind the concept of the Web3 inspired wearables. Arlo Eisenberg initially started his journey with doodling, now launching their design and creation with the Co-founder of Nonfungible labs. 

The Drug Receipt and Walker World, a 3D avatar Metaverse game, are coming together to launch the collection of wearables. 

These wearable collections are in the Phygital World. The phygital world means the combination of both Physical and digital space. 

These collections have 10,000 unique programmatically created avatars. The four main characters are Tabbi, Syrin, Cap and Rex. These four are the most populated NFTs globally. 

DRx Web3 inspired collection 

The limited merchandise collection has T-shirts, Hoodies, and Baseball hats. Custom-dyed and printed fabrics make the merch with AR features. 

The Onesie is also included in the limited merch collection. The embroidery patchwork on the Onesie’s inspired by the female characters of the Walker World Metaverse 3D game. 

The buyers can convert their avatar merch into real-life merchandise. 

This is happening on 16 March. Access to the limited edition collection is by minting or by pre-booking. After the launch, buyers will have 24 hours to mint the collection. 

The collection has 675 purple capsules and 25 rare stabbi pattern collections. 

Every capsule contains wearables from the stabbi collection. The digital collections will have a drug store prescription. The prescription will allow the customers to claim a physical item. One in ten buyers can receive the kill team onesie. 

After the release day

After 16 March, the minting process will be closed. Later, the pre-booking will be held from 17 March through 19 March.

After that, the customers can only buy hats, hoodies, and shirts at the drugstore. The brand also offers customers to customize the color among White, Purple or Black for the physical item. 

This is one of the ways that we deliver value for our holders. By creating coveted collections that you can only get through mint or pre-order, since we won’t stock it in our online store, we move all of the action to the secondary market. Our holders become our storefronts and they set the market.” says DRx Co-Founder and artist Arlo Eisenberg. 

After minting the collections, the holders and the physical apparel of the digital collection will control the rarity and market. After the minting, it can only be available at OpenSea as a secondary market. 

Drug Receipt is the first Web3 brand to customize clothing through Metaverse.

DRx and Walk World collaborated to present the concept of the collection of Web3-inspired wearables in the Phygital space. The alliance will promote more brands to come forward with more innovative ideas in the upcoming future.