GISEC Global

GISEC Global 2023 for growth of cybersecurity started in Dubai

  • Industry leaders and experts in scaling the Middle East digital economy. 
  • For the first time, global police launched and defended the metaverse crime.

GISEC Global 2023 is organized by Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted by UAE Cybersecurity Council. The conference’s main aim is to boost the digital economy of the Middle East.

Every year industry faces losses because of cybersecurity. The hackers and manipulators breach the system and steal confidential information and finance.

GISEC Global is gathering industry leaders and speakers to talk about

New technology and systems to protect the data from the red hat hackers.

GISEC Global 2023

The event started on 14 March 2023 and continued till 16 March 2023. The event features 500+ exhibitors from 53 countries. The three-day event led to 300 Information Security speakers and the world’s top 1000 ethical hackers.

The event is launching Hack-O-Sphere, where the white hat hackers will face other for a series of exciting cybersecurity competitions.

The ultimate face-off will be conducted on 16 March, and the winner will be rewarded with $1M US.

The event brings together the foremost brands and experts from the cybersecurity industry to improve and increase the cyber capacity to boost the region’s economy.

The industry experts focus on growing the resilient cyber business to increase the region’s economy. 

According to analysts Frost & Sullivan, the top ethical or white hat hackers can contribute to growing the Region’s Cybersecurity market. The analysts believe they expect the market’s value to reach USD 31 Billion by the year 2030.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, Head of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, said: “To define the new cybersecurity paradigms, we are gathering an extraordinary league of cybersecurity leaders at GISEC Global. The UAE Cybersecurity Council fully supports GISEC’s initiative of creating an inner circle for InfoSec leaders to discuss critical challenges and help build the cyber resilience of businesses and enterprises in the UAE and the world.”

The research firm says the market was valued at USD 7.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow 20% annually over the next seven years.

World’s first Metaverse police launched.

Interpol, Singapore, is a company that unites experts to provide solutions to challenges in policing.

Interpol wants to guard the Metaverse crime. So for the first time, Interpol has launched a Global police Metaverse to control and stop the crimes in the Metaverse sphere.

“Like all other ever-evolving technologies, the metaverse represents unique opportunities and challenges for law enforcement,” said Dr. Oberoi.

The vision of Interpol behind the launch is to reduce the crimes happening in the metaverse. The crimes include fraud, harassment, theft and crimes against children in the space.

Metaverse will add new crimes ‘Metacrimes’ in the sphere, including 3D virtual property crimes, harm to the avatars, darkverse and more.

GISEC Global 2023 is a great way to unite industry experts, white hat hackers, and brands to launch products to fight cyberthreat the world is facing. The event has conference sessions, keynotes, product launches and interactive sessions for attendees and leaders to interact and collaborate.