Hawex Group Exhibits Its Services In Crypt Expo Dubai 2023

  • The Hawex CBDO team lectured on the difference between CeFi and Defi. 
  • Reportedly, Hawex made a strategic partnership during the event. 
  • Hawex has taken full advantage of the opportunity and fulfilled the motive of the Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 event. 

The Crypto Expo 2023, Dubai’s largest cryptocurrency summit, took place on the 8 and 9 March with more than 10,000 attendees and 100 plus crypto companies from more than 30 countries around the globe. Hawex Group, a banking platform, participated in Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 and witnessed Dubai’s biggest digital currency event. The fintech company promoted its products and explained their functionalities with a highly impressive speech. 

The Hawex CBDO’s Speech 

A place where more than 10,000 people arrived because of their similar interests. At the moment when all the guests and attendees were available under one roof, the speaker from a fintech firm, Hawex, appeared on the stage and introduced their products among numerous market participants and the available guests. 

The 2 days scheduled event consists of a wide range of crypto-based discussions, conferences and speeches on the current trends, issues and development in crypto industries. According to the event’s official website, more than 60 plus speakers were available at the crypto event. Who explained various topics and shared their views about cryptocurrency. 

Hawex CBDO, Vladislav Kuvshinov and Head of Banking Karpov Ilya names were mentioned in the speaker’s list. As per local media reports CBDO group presented a speech on the difference between CeFi and DeFi services. Further explained the advantages and disadvantages of both services, which attracted the audience most. 

Highlights of the Crypto Expo 2023

The local media report says that the speech gathered a wide range of crowd to learn about the possibilities of joining CeFi and DeFi in business with its solutions. Hawex Group’s services, such as SaaS products and crypto processing functionalities, were discussed and explained in the lecture. Moreover, Hawex has also sponsored the crypto fest. Its name is mentioned in the platinum sponsors section. 

The team felt glad to optimize their solutions for the use of the Crypto Expo 2023 guests. As a result, many users want to explore the company’s services and monetization methods to increase their crypto operations. Hawex provides an opportunity for users to develop digital currency exchange. 

However, the Hawex Mobile application with a wallet and a card also attracted users because it takes payments to a new convenient level. Additionally, it has made a strategic partnership during the event. It’s not wrong to say that Hawex and its team have given an outstanding performance during the event. 

Hawex and many other firms stand out to showcase their products and services. The objective of the event is to highlight the brand and development and to help the investor to invest in the market.