Mondoir Gallery

Amir Soleymani NFT Mondoir Gallery will showcase art in Dubai

  • The first MENA region NFT gallery.
  • The Gallery will showcase art by Fewocious in real life.

NFT Mondoir Gallery will showcase the art in the physical space in Dubai.

The Mondoir gallery is an NFT art gallery. The gallery will showcase artwork by artists in the real world. 

The gallery is expected to collaborate with local artists to empower and provide a platform for aspiring and talented artists of all ages to present their artwork. 

Mondoir Gallery vision

The founder of Mondoir Gallery, Amir Soleymani, is a collector, Gallerist, art supporter and protector. He is bringing a new era of art by opening an art gallery in Dubai. The aim is to reshape digital art in a wider aspect. This is the first Gallery in the MENA region. He has supporters regionally and globally.

He said, “I believe in real worlds, interactions, and conversations. Now that I have my brand in real life. I’ll bring the whole community into real life”.

The NFT Mondoir Gallery focuses on supporting and promoting emerging and established artists. The gallery help artists to vast their network and provides an opportunity through their platform to engage with the audience and showcase their art in a wider aspect. It also gives the artist a chance to collaborate with other artists and businesses. 

The gallery also hosts events and educational programs for visitors to have a chance to learn and understand the art. The event has workshops, panel discussions and digital art classes to allow visitors to learn and appreciate the digital arts.

The gallery aims to showcase art globally and reach a wider audience. Now the gallery is open in real life. The gallery will showcase art by artist Fewocious in Dubai. 

Fewocious Year, 5 Age 18 

Victor Fewocious is a 20-year-old artist. Who often says, “I Love Art” he was born in Las Vegas and now living in New york. He started painting when he was just thirteen years old. He sold his first painting at the age of seventeen. Then within a year, he moved to Seattle to further work on his work through a series of NFT drops. 

His work and passion for art started as protection to break free as a young transgender artist. His pronoun, as added on his site, is he/him. In June 2021, he hosted an auction with Christie’s Auction house to celebrate Pride Month, which sold for USD2.16mm.

He is one of the most influential artists. He has collected $50 in sales. 

The painting and physical drawing of Victor Fewocious will be showcased at the NFT Mondair Gallery in Dubai. 

NFT Mondoir Gallery is now open in Dubai. The gallery will showcase the art of Victor Fewocious. This collaboration will allow future artists to present their art in physical space.