Dubai Introduces World’s First Secure Digital Certificates

  • Dubai is leading in establishing the emirate as a digital transformation model worldwide. 
  • It unveils the world’s first secure digital certificate, which can be used anywhere.
  • The technology is built with the help of Soulbound Token technology.

As per the reports, Dubai introduced the world’s first Secure Digital Certificates. The technology is create using Soulbound Token technology- the most advanced generation of NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens).

According to the reports, as part of the continuous technological transformation, the Government of Dubai is leading in establishing the emirate as a digital transformation model for cities worldwide. In line with its promise to embrace future technologies, Digital Dubai has launched advanced Soulbound Token Technology. 

Soulbound NFT can be use globally 

In its innovative move, Dubai has issued the world’s first Secure Digital Certificates in the form of a soulbound NFT, making it the first use case of this technology. The new technology enables certificates to be permanently link to residents’ digital wallets, making them highly secure and tamper-proof.

The Certificates which are attache to Soulbound NFT cannot be transfer, sold or dispose of but can be verified by either party when required. This step makes certificates fundamentally trusted and abolishes the need for third-party verification.

Dubai’s first digital certificate is grant by the Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark), an affiliate of the Dubai Electronic Security Centre, following the graduates from the CISO Executive program. As reported, 17 government and semi-governmental organizations participated in that program. 

His highness, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of Digital Dubai, noted, “The accelerated pace of technological advancements has made the future closer than ever before, and here in Dubai, we are proud to have an agile government that do wastes no time in embracing developments and putting them into practice to drive digital transformation and shape the future today.”

According to Al Mansoori, keeping in mind to make Dubai a digital hub. The city is issuing the first self-secured digital certificates. A new phase for e-certificates, where individuals and institutions can display their credentials. Achievements in a sovereign and trusted manner without depending on third parties.

HH AL Mansoori also pointed out that Dubai continues to be a leader in launching important initiatives. Emphasizing its global leadership in digital transformation, and helping to improve the quality of life. Ensure the well-being of the  community. 

He added, “In order to digitize all aspects of life in the Emirate of Dubai. Provide integrated comprehensive digital services. We need an impenetrable electronic security system capable of mitigating any potential risks.”

Notably, this technology is an integral step towards a more secure and efficient future for digital certification. Help Dubai maintain its leadership position in digital transformation globally. Al Mansoori also added that these programs foster a cyber security culture. Build an impenetrable barrier against cyber threats across various institutions.