Web3 Sneaker

ChalhoubXSol3mates Launches their first Web3 Sneaker Brand

  • The collaboration will unite the creators and members in the journey.  
  • The brand will launch its first design by French designer Kacimi Latemene.
  • Community members will have early access to the sneakers at a preferable price.

Sol3mates, a part of Chalhoub Group, launches a web3 limited edition sneaker brand. 

Sol3mates emphasizes itself as a self-proclaimed ‘Community-centric sneaker Brand.’ The brand focuses on providing great and engaging and growing experiences by connecting with the community members in the journey. By recruiting new creative designers and co-creating sneakers with members. 

This innovative approach from the brand will connect the designers and sneakerheads together throughout the whole journey by using NFTs. 

The brand brings the Physical and digital space together. 

The first collection of the collaboration will announced on 12 April. The first designer of Sol3mates is by French designer Kacimi Latemene.

ChalhoubXSol3mates a collab that reshapes Web3 Sneaker Industry

Chalhoub is one the largest retailers in the Middle East, established in 1955. The Group has 700 beauty and fashion stores and 40 e-commerce platforms. The group has launched Sol3mates as their first sneakers brand to revolutionize the sneaker industry globally. 

The collaboration will unite creators and community members together in this journey. Sol3mates focuses on three main factors to enhance the experience and increase the brand value and make it unique.

The key focus is to maintain and improve sustainability and make it unique and less common. The limited edition sneakers won’t be sold out in large numbers to keep their authenticity. Authorize the designers to supervise their brand inside Sol3mates. The brand also empowers the community to co-create the sneakers.

Customers can buy the NFTs membership which will provide customers with various features and benefits. 

Benefits for Community members

The members will buy membership NFTs which will provide them early access to the sneakers, preferable pricing, virtual wearables, free commodities, community events, and other benefits for the members.

One of the perks of being an NFTs member is that they can vote on the table of decision making like colours and who can be the next designer.

Community members will have access to features like NFC authentication, and virtual-parallelly wearables in Decentraland. 

Community members will get free delivery of the sneakers one month before the public. 

What more?

Anyone can become a member by using a credit card as a payment method in fiat currency. 

As we have already seen, members have priority access to the sneakers. But when the priority access closes and if any sneakers are left they will be open in public for anyone to buy. 

The collaboration is bringing the sneakers into phygital space for people to have. This is providing a great opportunity for innovative designers to make a name and brand within Sol3mates. The community members also rewarded with benefits and various features.