Nexon launched Polygon Supernet to run MapleStory on Web3

  • Nexon focuses on three Blockchain benefits in particular    
  • MapleStory Universe will run on the Web3 platform instead of Web2.       

South Korean gaming studio Nexon to create a private supernet on the polygon Blockchain to power MapleStory in the Web3 platform. 

Game developer company Nexon has decided to join the Blockchain ecosystem by supporting MapleStory Universe, a famous game to evolve from web2 to the web3 platform. 

MapleStory Universe is near to complete their 20 years journey. The game was launched in 2003 in South Korea. The game has 180 million registered players. There is 32,000 in-game equipment available in the game including pets, cosmetics, character skins, etc. 

It is a multiplayer game, in which players create their character and fight monsters in battle. 

Nexon vision through Polygon

Nexon is a game publishing company founded in 1994 in South Korea. The company developed games on several platforms like PC, Mobile, and console devices globally. 

Nexon always had a keen interest in growing the virtual space. Nowadays mobile games have enhanced the experience of users for online gaming. The online platforms for games were only allowing users to dive into the virtual realm from their homes.

Slowly with time, the digital space for gaming has evolved with the help of creators and businesses. Even after so many years, the online community is still not able to free itself from the lack of control problem. 

The developer has control of the in-game assets like characters, the skin of the characters, game currencies, in-game equipment, etc. if the game retreats from the platform all the in-game accessories of users. 

Nexon believes that Blockchain can solve this problem. Nexon will use Polygon Blockchain to run the MapleStory game. 

Polygon is a layer two sidechain designed to fix the scalability problem faced in space that runs beside the Ethereum Blockchain. Many Blockchain projects are supported by Polygon. The blockchain is used in Decentralized applications like Defi, DAOs, and NFTs. 

Foremost benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain can solve many problems but Nexon mainly focuses on solving three problems specifically. 

Blockchain decentralized power can easily record all the steps of progress. The immutable feature makes it impossible for developers to change the rules. As the Polygon is the sidechain of Ethereum Blockchain it works on the Proof of Stake mechanism. To change or edit a rule, stakers need to have a majority vote to change the rule and have the decision over. 

Nexon will be the developer in the open ecosystem. Nexon won’t singlehandedly control the server. In an open ecosystem, anyone can contribute to the project and earns rewards for their contribution. 

In the blockchain, it is very easy to transfer NFTs in space. Unlike other games in web2 that can’t move in-game assets but in web3 it is possible and not only that users can trade, and sell NFTs in other Dapps platforms.

Nexon has stepped into the blockchain ecosystem to bring changes to the gaming industry. The project is running on Polygon. Will the project influence the market of the Blockchain?