Dominica Metaverse Bound Token

Dominica Metaverse Bound Token launched by Houbi Crypto Exchange

  • Houbi Crypto exchange company launches new product of Dominica Metaverse Digital Citizen.  
  • Dominica Metaverse Bound Token is a type of Soulbound Token.   

Houbi Blockchain ecosystem has rolled out Dominica Metaverse Bound Token authorized by the government of Dominica.   

Huobi digital asset trading platform has announced the launch of Dominica Metaverse Bound Token. The token is part of Dominica Metaverse Digital Citizen. It is authorized by the Dominica Government in alliance with TRON and DMC labs.

Dominica Metaverse Bound Token provide OnchainID, a blockchain ecosystem where users have control over their identities. The feature is provided to users who have to wind up their level-3 KYC authentication on the Huobi Platform. 

It serves as authorization to validate Dominica Metaverse Digital Citizen members. 

This is a Soulbound Token, it is a non-transferable token that illustrates users’ identity by using Blockchain technology. 

Applications open for Dominica Metaverse Bound Token 

The aim is to develop and increase the realm of Metaverse framework projects. This is a new developmental strategy of Huobi that is taking a step forward into the Web3 World. 

The platform is opening a door for others to step into the Web3 space. This will expand the growth of the metaverse and digital economy. 

The application for Dominica Digital identity and minting the token is open now. 

Users can mint the token by following three easy steps. 

Users have to verify their identity by applying to Dominica Digital Identity. Later users have to complete the level 3 KYC authentication to be qualified for minting the token. 

The user will download the TronLink application and sign up on the Tron network wallet. Then connect the wallet to the Huobi app. 

After connecting the wallet, the user can mint DMBT on Huobi apps by paying a fee of 1 USDT. 

The protocols that are supporting the network. The minted token can be viewed there. 

H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON and Global Advisor to Huobi, commented, “DDID will serve as the building block for Web 3 and a bridge connecting the real and virtual worlds. Essentially, the on-chain digital identity system lays the foundation for a future metaverse world that is truly capable of servicing the global population across physical boundaries and national borders in mankind’s pursuit toward inclusive digital freedom.”

Huobi prime native token

Houbi is a Crypto exchange industry establish in 2013 by Leon Li. The company offers a platform for users to exchange Crypto for Crypto. 

Huobi launched a token called Huobi Token in January 2018. The Houbi token is the prime token for trading in Cryptocurrency. 

Key features of the Huobi Token has reduced commission for trading and it offers a loyalty program that provides members with a discount on transaction fees. Holders are allowed to vote on exchange decisions. 

Houbi in partnership with the TRON network and DMC labs has launched DMBT. It is a digital identity authorization supported by DMDC members. It is definitely pinning our keen interest toward the future of the token and how it will influence the market.