Web3 Technologies Growing Popular Among The Users at Dubai Event

  • Dubai turned to become a central hub for Web3 Technologies.
  • The increasing popularity of Web3 in the world attracted users’ attention.
  • Attendees have gained experience in learning a lot from new emerging technologies.

Dubai has been one of the most important places for any new technological startup. Since it passed a framework to regulate crypto, it became a second home to many young industry startups like Defi, Nfts and Metaverse.

The Dubai Museum exemplifies that Dubai has no equal in adopting new innovative technologies. Dubai is the world’s second-largest crypto hub after London, based on numerous crypto events, including job opportunities, companies, and startups.

Dubai’s Crypto friendly environment welcomes countless technological upgrades, making it famous worldwide. This innovation urged to bring life to several Global Events

Involving New ideas and methods to provide a platform to share knowledge and networking opportunities for young guns of the crypto industry.

Dubai Warm Welcoming for Innovations 

At the World Leading AI and Blockchain Conference held in Dubai, the world witnessed this country’s contribution to developing cryptocurrency and related technologies.

The event gathering brings young and innovative Blockchain, AI and Crypto mindsets together. Provides a collective Platform for all who want to share their knowledge and ideas as well as networking opportunities to Digitized Evolution.

Welcoming a vast variety of web3 visitors got a golden opportunity to witness the next generation innovation between how the world turns from physical to digital.

This Fastex Web3 ecosystem unveiled its 1st phygital NFT store in Dubai Mall, where attendees interacted with this “phygital” experience. Visitors can physically experience the NFT gallery, get customized rooms in FastxVerse, and create avatars in Metaverse Marketplace.

Awards & Appreciation 

Entrepreneurs are cited for establishing their business in the Web3 industry. Which found a better place to utilize their new innovative ideas in the NFT space. Various prominent aspiring NFT artists who like to promote their skills. Launch one of its prominent collections to create a unique impression on the industry. 

ftNFT shop successfully launched in Dubai Mall, which recently MAF Awarded the best Phygital Implementation award for its ability to line up physical & digital arts in the same pitch. 

To appreciate their work Fastex Organized the international Nft Awards to promote their work worldwide and recognize & celebrate its best creators, platform & stakeholders in the NFT industry. 

This Global appreciation welcomes both the advance and local contributors of the NFT space. Which tackle challenges without getting affected by the market’s movement. 

Way Forward 

As a top crypto hub, Dubai has become home to major startup projects. Web3-based ecosystems like Fastex, and Various Smart City Projects. Dubai is seeking to turn up the city into a crypto hub, smart and technically upgraded. Major industrial players are looking forward to investing and becoming a part of this future of phygital transformation.