DIAC Sets In Motion Its Metaverse For Dispute Resolution 

  • DIAC launches a metaverse for providing dispute resolutions
  • Metaverse requires no physical transportation enabling an eco-friendly arbitration  
  • Metaverse will enable top-reachable and beneficial dispute resolutions. 

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) is producing a metaverse for solving out their disputes by creating a virtual reality space by which the parties can obtain the resolutions from dispute resolution proceedings by putting an end to the requirement for physical transportation and therefore setting up legitimate arbitration.

About DIAC

Dubai International Arbitration Centre for you to know is the largest dispute resolution alternatives provider which is a non-profitable organization. DIAC enables all commercial organizations to find resolutions outside court lessening the despair between two commercial entities in the market.

Also, parties seeking help for resolution from DIAC can be of any nationality and jurisdiction. They are treated the same on grounds of judgment. No biased settlements are expected by DIAC to be faced by parties.


To make you understand the procedure of how DIAC is going to function in dispute settlement. It is important to understand arbitration, “What arbitration is?”

Arbitration means a procedure under which a dispute is submitted by the parties’ agreement to one or more arbitrators who are then supposed to make an irrevocable decision on the dispute submitted.

While considering arbitration for dispute settlement, parties prefer private dispute resolution instead of going to court. Arbitration is a consensual, neutral, and easy-to-apply but confidential procedure based on a contract.

Under the WIPO Arbitration Rules, the involved parties are open for the selection of their arbitrator together. If they opt to have a three-member arbitral committee, each party has to then elect one of the arbitrators; those two then will agree on the entitled arbitrator’s verdicts.

Alternatively, the Center is open to offering its suggestions about any prompt and eligible arbitrators with respective specialties or directly appointing the members of the arbitral committee.

The Center maintains a comprehensive roster of arbitrators ranging from experienced dispute-resolution providers to highly specialized practitioners and experts covering the whole legal and technical variations of intellectual property.

The WIPO Rules concretely protect the secrecy of the prevalence of the arbitration. Any decisions made during that process, and the award. In some situations, the WIPO Rules allow a party to restrict the approach to exchange secrets. Or other confidential information that is submitted to the arbitral committee or a confidentiality consultant to the committee.

Advancements and Law

We see innovations and improvisations in day-to-day life. And various sectors and those done in LAW are either amendments or enforcement. This is a different scenario where a space is created not implemented or enforced to help out people to settle disputes. Outside court with ease from any part of the world avoiding conveyance glitches and transportation issues. 

With open possibilities to sort disputes out this metaverse can turn out. To be a good step for reforming the system and functioning of commercial companies in the market.