Elon Musk, tech execs, and researchers in AI call for a halt

Elon Reeve Musk (June 28, 1971) is a business magnate and investor. He is the founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX; Angel Investor, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; owner and CEO of Twitter, Inc.; co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI; and president of the philanthropic Musk Foundation.

History of AI and Elon Musk 

Open AI founded in 2015 when Musk and co-founder  Sam Altman on Musk’s thoughts. That AI’s progress was competitively not up to mark Let him in. Reportedly Musk’s take, over this as per his offer of take over was denied by other shareholders. And co-founder SAM of AI as Musk was already Head of many of his companies. And that was estimated to be the reason for the withdrawal of Musk’s support from open AI.

Musk’s departure created a shortage of funds in OPEN AI leading to its privatization to generate funds. In March 2019, it became a profit company from its original structure which was non-profit. Open AI and Musk did share connections and statistically, the industry grew after Musk’s departure.

Open Letter For AI’s Halt

Elon Musk has been a former donating member to Artificial intelligence and is accepted for his hard leadership qualities. Coming up with an open letter signed by him stating risks to society. Elon Musk, a group of artificial intelligence experts and industry executives is calling for a six-month halt (break) in developing systems and Artificial Intelligence. 

The letter has in it 

The signatories agree to say that advanced AI can be the reason for extraordinary improvisations in the history of life on Earth, for better or worse. The letter also suggests the need for “well-resourced institutions” to cope with economic and political disruptions caused by AI.

More than 2,600 technologists and researchers have signed this letter asking for a temporary pause on further artificial intelligence (AI) development, fearing profound risks to society and humanity.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and a host of AI CEOs, CTOs, and researchers were among the signatories of the letter, which published by the United States think tank Future of Life Institute (FOLI) on March 22.

Present scenario of AI and Elon Musk involvement

Tesla as everybody is aware has launched an automated driverless car. Clearly showing his and his experts’ indulgence in the modifications technology and also Artificial Intelligence. 

Not too outdated to remind me of his idea of showing a human dressed as a robot in one of his displays of technology in time. Moreover, estimating guesses of the possible reasons for a person. Who is into AI but not wanting the development to continue and is given a break is a question here. Updates and progress in this field are still awaited.