Evometa: New playmaker in the UAE’s metaverse tech business

  • Evometa is a metaverse space that issues industries a platform to improve their company’s economy and get a higher approach. 
  • The digital space allows industries including but not limited to Automotive, Sports, Fashion & Art, real estate, and Industrial. 
  • Evometa was established in 2021 and had a team of professionals to thrive in the company’s businesses. 

Evometa provides an innovative solution to businesses to boost UAE’s metaverse economy. 

Evometa, a public company in the metaverse, provides an immersive solution to businesses that allures audiences and players to be completely involved. 

The company has recently entered the UAE’s technology sector to help businesses advance digitally. Apart from that, the company also focuses on helping the country to display itself as the foremost competitor in the metaverse platform globally. 

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, expected the country’s metaverse economy to reach 4 billion USD annually by 2030. He further added the Dubai Metaverse Strategy is “the next revolution in the technological and economic field that will affect all aspects of life over the next two decades.” According to his interview with the Arabian business.

Industries’ alliance with Evometa 

Evometa provides a platform for industries to showcase their products and approach audience. They have a team of IT, Marketing, and sales experts to compile the company’s successful growth.

Real estate

It transforms the future of the real estate sector business. The platform will display the hyper-realistic version of the properties. They aim to allow buyers to explore the properties, structures, and buildings with comfort and thrill. 

Art and Fashion

Evomate allows brands, artists, and fashion houses a metaverse platform to showcase their arts and fashion. It will also have events and social gatherings for users to experience. Companies can sell their fashion, arts, and other merchandise to boost revenue. 


Fans can virtually experience matches, interact with their favorite teams and connect with international fans. This can help grow fan engagement, sell merchandise, and observe revenue growth.


Vehicles can displayed in a virtual space, enhancing their specifications. It will improve the sales of the automotive sector.  


Allow the employees to indulge in the virtual space to learn about the management resulting in the reduction of on-site accidents company’s transportation and enhancing the company’s overall safety.

Embracing and continuous awareness of the metaverse in business to grow their business will indirectly improve the country’s metaverse economy.

New playmaker in the tech business

Evometa is a public software company founded at the beginning of 2022. The company has a team of experts to help companies grow their businesses in the virtual space. 

They have 25+ internal team members and external contractors. 6+ 3D digital space designed for B2B buyers. It is accessible 24*7 from the browser and any suitable device. 

Evometa has the latest unreal engine 5 graphics version to provide a hyper-unrealistic virtual experience.