Hong Kong Web3

Hong Kong Web3 Festival is back; LBank will host the series event

  • Hong Kong web3 festival to explore the potential of web3 space.
  • Industry leaders will share their knowledge and insights on web3 projects. 
  • Its the 4-day event held from 12-15 April.

LBank is a global crypto exchange hosting a Hong Kong Web3 4-day event with L bank labs and its VC. The series of events are organized by Wanxiang Blockchain lab and Hashkey Group. 

The festival will bring together high-profile speakers, developers, investors and global regulatory agencies to analyze the policies on one platform. They will share their knowledge and insights on the web3 projects and the technical solutions. 

The Web3 festival hosted to inform the international crowd about the potential Web3 platform. It will allow users to have a thrilling experience for attendees. The tech enthusiasts and start-ups will get to pitch their ideas to investors and grow their networks. 

The event is expected to have 10,000+ attendees, 300+ speakers and 100+ web3 popular projects for the exhibition. 

LBank and LBank labs host an exhibition booth. The four-day web3 festival held from 12 April to 15 April 2023.

The first Schedule of the Hong Kong web3 event

The first event of Hong Kong Web3, titled Crypto Friday Vibes held on 14 April at Embassy Club. LBank hosts it with Encryptus, a platform to buy and sell crypto assets and Blockcast, a crypto media site. 

The event will have crypto admirers from a few of the Blockchain projects in the industry. The representatives are invited to a limited after-party. 

The time of the event is 6-10 pm HKT.

Second Schedule of the event

The second event, Web3 have fun, hosted by Assure Wallet, LBank labs and Dmain Network on 13 April. The event allows the attendees a chance to know other attendees. 

Delegators get a chance to interact with developers and investors in the space. Complimentary drinks and mystery gifts are comprised. 

The time of the event is 7 pm HKT. 

Third Schedule of the event

The third event, titled Crypto Connect Web3 Skyline gathering. Hosts of the events are Ikablock, LBank labs, Avalanche and InvestHK. The attendees will meet experts from ENF, Cryptoport, LBank labs, Avalanche and InvestHK and more. The event held at Arcadia Restaurant & Bar, Causeway Bay. Complementary food and drinks included. 

The time of the event is 7-11 pm HKT.

Fourth Schedule of the event

The fourth event, Night of the Hong Kong, is a DAO concentrated after party. Hosts of the events are PermaDAO, BuilderDAO and Evervision. The event will have games to connect with other attendees. PermaDAO, BuilderDAO and MoleDAO will give keynote speeches at the event. Panel discussion with mystery speakers. 

The time of the event is 6 pm to 1 am HKT.

The fifth and final event

The final event, Night of the Awakening 2023, will allow attendees to meet NFT community people on 15 April. Hosts of the BendDAO, EthePOAP, 8DAO, NFTSCAN, LBanks Labs, HashKey DID, and HashKey ME. Event held at Hong Kong Maritime Museum Central Star Ferry Pier No.8 

The time of the event is 7 pm HKT onward. 

The Hong Kong Web3 festival is back with community people on one platform. The 4-day series event will have high-profile industry speakers discussing the potential and the future of web3. The ticket and more updates on the event are on their official website.



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