Metaverse Project

Metaverse Projects That Have Recently Been Launched in Dubai

  • The Verse Estate project had organized its launch party on 18th March, 2023 in Dubai. 
  • The Mall of Metaverse (MoM) was launched on 15th February, 2023.

A new project has been launched in Dubai, which aims to bring the concept of metaverse into real life. Metaverse Projects has emerged as a promising solution to enhance the experience of customers and create an immersive environment. By utilizing this platform, businesses and companies can showcase their products, facilitate collaboration and redefine traditional marketing strategies on a global scale. 

Two Major Metaverse Projects Developed In Dubai

Recently, Verse Estate (headquartered in Dubai), a VR technology company that provides metaverse solutions to customers, conducted its grand opening at Alserkal Avenue, a renowned cultural hub in Dubai. They showcased cutting-edge technologies like its 3D scanning studio and virtual reality stations. Those who attended the function, got a glimpse of the metaverse and how to interact with it.

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize remote work by bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds. The Verse Estate Showroom is located in the heart of Dubai, and is leading in innovations for the metaverse. At the opening of the Verse Estate project, Leila Hurstel, the chief metaverse officer and board member had welcomed the audience and stated that the metaverse is becoming immersive, allowing users to participate and directly engage with companies.

Estate Chief Leila Hurstel

Hurstel also explained that businesses can utilize the metaverse for product design training and collaboration. Supply chain management and marketing for better customer engagement by creating virtual showrooms and events. She also revealed the company’s future plans of including a virtual stadium. Where fans can watch matches and interact with each other. 

To help businesses leverage the metaverse, Verse Estate offers consulting services. A Web3 academy to boost awareness and adoption, an artificial intelligence research center. A 3D scanning studio with about 300 digital cameras and an open decentralized metaverse called Verse World. The Verse team is excited to play a part in revolutionizing industries such as the football industry. 

Hurstel highlighted that the company believes in the potential of the metaverse project to build a more connected world. During the event, the company also showed a video that visualized the metaverse. And how it can revolutionize the digital world. The company’s founders Nabil Bouali and Mickael Reignier bring years of experience in traditional ventures, crypto and successful NFT projects. 

Mall of Metaverse

Dubai has also created the MoM, a virtual mall that will offer retail, entertainment, and leisure offerings to users. This project was released back in 15th February of this year and is represented by Majid Al Futtaim in Decentraland. Brands and companies with futuristic outlooks are developing interactive online shopping experiences, including virtual products in 3D virtual stores.

MoM will have major brands and companies setting up virtual shops to provide service to customers. The UAE has a metaverse strategy that aims to add almost $4 billion to its economy in five years.  Dubai offers a unique experience for investors, business owners and consumers to create their digital identities. Build communities and engage in networking activities. Dubai is seizing the opportunity to establish itself as a global hub for metaverse technology