Easter Event

Floki Launches Easter Event in Valhalla NFT GameFi Metaverse

  • The Floki Valhalla game was launched on April 10, 2023.
  • Floki Inu is a meme token that originated from a tweet by Elon Musk.

Floki, the popular cryptocurrency protocol, has recent;y launched an Easter event for its Valhalla NFT GameFi players. The event allows users to earn up to $30k in rewards for their efforts in the game. On April 8, Floki shared a tweet inviting Valhalla enthusiasts to participate in the event. Floki’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) game features high-level blockchain gaming mechanics and on-chain interactions with NFTs that can be upgraded  by players.

How Can Gamers Earn From The Game?

During the gameplay, players can earn $FLOKI tokens by utilizing their in-game characters, called Veras. These Veras also allow players to communicate and interact with each other in the Valhalla metaverse. Floki Inu’s widespread adoption within the industry has been further enhanced by the integration of its native $FLOKI token into the PIP ecosystem.  PIP is a financial service platform that offers a range of Web3 payment products and are fully-integrated.

PIP offers a product called “Social Pay”, that enables players to receive and send payments on social media. The integration of Floki’s token into the PIP allows users to easily send and receive $FLOKI tokens across multiple social media platforms. PIP also offers other payment products, including Payment Links, which allow users to create payment links to transfer $FLOKI tokens to anyone, Embed Payment Button, which puts a pay button on their website to accept Floki transactions. 

Valhalla’s Play-to-Earn game mechanics will allow gamers to earn and collect tokens, allowing them to monetize their gaming skills. Valhalla’s development team has 11 members with a combined team experience of more than 50 years. They have plans to expand to a team of 20 to expedite development. The team is led by MrBrownWhale, a popular crypto veteran, and Jackie Xu, a blockchain veteran. 

The company had released the testnet version of the game back in 2022, as per Crypto, a crypto news publishing company. The team believed that the combination of meme power, along with charity, gaming, community and crypto currency has the potential to change the world. The game allows players to explore different areas in the digital world, which has beaches, majestic hills, cliffs and Viking-inspired towns.

Valhalla is powered by the $FLOKI token, and the game is designed to reduce the total token circulation as adoption grows.. In-game items can only be purchased using $FLOKI tokens. The game will also incentivize players to spend tokens to advance through the game more easily, enhancing utility usage and driving actual demand for the token. To play the game, users must have some amount of $FLOKI in their wallets.

Floki announced on Twitter that the Valhalla metaverse project was one of the most active on Optimism Goerli Network (a company that allows developers to test their smart contracts) on February 10, 2023. According to the game, the journey begins on Floki island and features numerous wildlife regions where gamers can interact with them. The rare collection in the game includes Ruby, Silver, Diamond and Bronze utility items.



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