World Metaverse Day

World Metaverse Day: Inaugural Celebration on June 08, 2023

  • Metaverse Discovery conference and World Metaverse Awards to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at The Crowne Plaza, RDC
  • Summit will be on the day of World Metaverse Day i.e. on the coming June 08, 2023

California, Dubai, Edinburgh, NewYork and many more will be participating in this upcoming Metaverse Event on June 8, 2023 hosted by Riyadh at The Crowne Plaza RDC to be someone adding fuel to Saudi Arabia’s bend in Metaverse.World Metaverse Awards and The Metaverse Discovery conference alliance will be the event held there.

The Crowne Plaza RDC June 8, 2023

World Metaverse Council is a planned partner for the coming Metaverse Discovery Event that is going to be hosted by Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. An inventive gathering is expected out of this where the participants will  be on an alluring journey into the Metaverse on June 8,2023, at The Crowne Plaza RDC is expected to be orchestrated by the experts of this field across the Globe. 

Saudi Arabia is now into Metaverse along with the essential grounds of healthcare, Government, sustainability, Leisure and Tourism, Finance, construction, buildout and smart cities. As the World’s First Metaverse Discovery Day, June 8, 2023; Riyadh will be hosting this event and welcoming all from around the Globe.

Event Enlightenments

The nucleus of the upcoming event will be the notifying and delegating attendees with proper information about the upcoming grounds and chances of benefiting their organization within the boundaries of Metaverse. It  will be a major concern to convey this and convince coming entities about how the  enabling of outbound and extravagant experiences will be possible for the customers and shareholders of the organizations.  

The major focus of this meet would be about discussion of Metaverse and its related ground and sectors of interest. What can be the possible important areas to cover and what others will be like already giving benefits. Riyadh looks forward to this meet as an important gathering that would introduce it and its interest in Metaverse to the ones who are already there in this  field and are benefitting maximum out of it.

Prominent speakers and panelists are expected to be present with their case studies and the leaders of this field are already firmly rooted in accordance with how they made it all possible. The leading companies are already providing their customers with distinctive and visionary experiences. 

Chris Fountain, CEO: Organizing Committee for Metaverse Discovery and Metaverse Awards

The Metaverse is an open world of possibilities and opportunities and with new entities involving themselves in Metaverse’s world, starting new journeys in this field with innovative standards of excellence is making this ground great for others to learn and improve their working style and procedures. Standards are being set as the companies are working and upgrading the grounds for everyone. With the belief to recognise and honor excellence within the limits of the Metaverse boundaries, the committee is keen to celebrate and embrace the best in  Global Digital Talent through the Inaugural edition of the World Metaverse Awards in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Buoyant Possibilities in Decentralized Metaverse

The Conference of Metaverse Discovery and the Metaverse World Awards will be all in association with the World Metaverse Council, which looks forward to promoting an alliance to produce a fair, across the board and decentralized Metaverse with an agenda of bringing maximum possible hike in buoyant and socioeconomic possibilities. 
‘The World Metaverse Council is happy enough to be coming to Riyadh where there is going to be a celebration for the best of the Global Metaverse Experience around the board through this Summit. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the best possible choice across the different Metaverse sectors for these two highly essential events’, concluded Dr Jane Thomason, Inaugural Chair of the World Metaverse Council and The World Metaverse Awards.