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Gambling Syndrome cannot be blamed: Warren Buffett in an Appearance in CNBC 

  • Warren Buffet believes gambling to be an easy way of getting money
  • Casino style is warren Buffett’s personal lesson learning aid
  • Buffett believes Gamblers cannot be blamed for gambling desires.

Warren Buffett in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday proclaims Bitcoins as gambling tokens. He in his ideology believes that getting rich isn’t hard as gambling makes it easier in one go. Warren Buffet calls out thirst of getting rich unblamable through gambling along with naming Bitcoins as Gambling tokens.

Warren Buffett betting Gamer

Berkshire Hathaway is an American company in Omaha, Nebraska which serves as an investment mode for Warren Buffet who is also its CEO. He is no Bitcoin fan as of his phrase in 2018 that it is a poison squared, still he passes his words on BItcoin calling it 

Gambling tokens.

His knowledge about gambling being a no-sum game,and profits for the casino gambler or worker staff payments bounces back from the ones who lose while gambling. Even to teach his children he had set up a personal casino on the third floor of his house. A defining moment of Buffett where he bought companies who were selling at three times less than their annual earnings to be the no-brainer investment for him.

Buffett in his appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Wednesday briefed bitcoin as gambling token with inherent value. This value doesn’t prohibit people’s desire to play roulette wheel, he added. This reason is the argument for Warren Buffett that  people shouldn’t be investing in cryptocurrencies because they are having intrinsic value.  

More than Berkshire Hathaway stands a company named BlackRock, Inc. which has world’s largest asset management, $8.5 trillion management under Q2 2022, considered to be the crossover competitors of each other in this market. Companies ranking in the top five in Berkshire Hathaway are Apple Inc. (AAPL), Bank of America Corp (BAC), Chevron (CVX), The Coca-cola Company (KO), and American Express Company (AXP).

Submissive Approach

Exceeding $30,000 on Thursday was the figure of Bitcoin where the year started at an amount less than $17,000. Talking about comparison with its peak of around $69,000 in November 2021, it’s still low. 

Mike Novogratz, CEO of crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital, in mid-February noticed ‘FOMO building up’ around Bitcoin meaning the trepidation of missing out.

FOMO is an abbreviation of ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.  

Clearly Buffett didn’t talk anything about FOMO in his words but he did mention the want to participate in something where it seems easy money is like a human stimulus which has been on loose.

Buffett; in 2018 at Berkshire Hathaway, said Bitcoin to be a probable rat poison squared. While talking to CNBC he added that matter,When a person buys non-productive assets, he does so with an expectation of another person paying him more than what he has bought it for with another person following the chain with an excessive amount of expectation of gains.  

Nobody unlikes getting rich, despite the ways to get rich may differ according to the person’s choice. Some are good with easy going techniques and some work hard, harder than others while some believe in smart work. In his words he says majorly everybody likes getting rich or even the idea being one and so to opt for ways to get the aimed goal we can’t blame them. It’s human nature and once you release yourself into it, back bottling ain’t an option.



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