Elon Musk

Elon Musk and Jane Clayton talks on Twitter: BBC News communique

  • Elon Musk has laid off employees from around  8000 to 1500 left now.
  • Elon Musk lodges layoff decisions as a survival measure for Twitter.
  • Twitter to regain its position for positive cashflow in future. 

Elon Musk in his interview has claimed his decision of layoff as painful but necessary for Twitter’s survival. He also discussed where and how he slept in the office. Being all optimistic he assured the changed miscommunication phase of Twitter after his company’s procurement. 

Elon’s procurement: Twitter Cardinal

The known personality of Tesla and SpaceX, mr. Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022, on April 14 but concluded it on October 27, the same year. Gradually he planned it all up, initially he did buy the maximum shares of the company getting to be the biggest part holder in the company with 9.1 percent ownership stake and then gradually purchased it.

Original offer price by Musk was the final purchase price of Twitter which was $54.20 a share, totaling around $44 Billion.

Twitter’s revenue is estimated divided into two categories. The first is advertising service sale and the second is data licensing and miscellaneous services. Majority of the company’s gains are covered here. 

Though Twitter is widely known and famous it has started making profits recently and soon after that it was reportedly getting into losses. The first time profits for Twitter came in 2018 where its net worth income was calculated to be $1.2 Billion.

As per the sources Musk is said to be taking out billions of dollars in October 2022 to get hold of Twitter making it private. Deal of that acquisition has conjectured the debt on twitter to be $13 Billion.

Twitter is a home to the users of the United States with around 95.4 Million crowd there. Also Twitter is now one of the speedy developer social media platforms in the U.S.

As believed the price of offer Elon put forward for Twitter was out of fact that he wanted to avoid discomfiture from an upcoming Tesla tweet trial of 2018 inTexas.

Though he was all cleared from trial by Jurors in the courthouse in San Francisco.   

Musk’s Interview Inceptions

Musk in his BBC interview of Elon Musk with Jane Clayton is said to be his first interview since he bought Twitter. James is a technology correspondent at BBC News. Elon mentioned the reasons and defended his decision by saying the revenue dollar went from 4.5 to 3 Billion dollar. And in comparison the expenses hiked from 4.5 Billion dollar to 6 Billion dollar which led to the creation of a 1.5 billion dollar negative cash situation which was around 4 months survival.

When questioned about the workers he laid off, it is an uncaring situation because workers believe so, he fortified himself to the questions by saying it was painful but the amount in banks would have just supported approx four months of survival for Twitter. So to save the whole ship from sinking and drowning everyone it was necessary to be done.

About his sleep, he said he used to sleep on a couch in the factories and gradually has slept under the desk too,so as to escape the sight of his office workers.

Over the ‘misinformation’ and hate speech,he said it has been near to very less since his takeover. He is looking into the fake accounts and has taken steps for reforming the flow of information through Twitter by deleting botsand automated accounts which will gradually help in the fake news decline. 

Coming with answers for the questions about the advertisers by Jane, Musk said advertisers will return. The maximum of them, he added. Doubting the situation of Twitter still being profitable he said it’s like a breakeven point, hoping for things to go similarly well and upwards, Twitter will be able to make a positive cash flow. 

He summarises his layoff decision saying ‘all’s well that ends well’, expected upbeat and confident to get Twitter back, Musk’s optimism is all dependent on the coming time to see what happens to await in future.